Alpha 11 - Release Candidate 1

Hi Galactic Survivalists!

After an extensive Experimental phase with a lot of feedback and even more changes and additions, we are now heading towards the public release of Alpha 11, planned to hit on next monday, November 18.

And yes, you did read it correct, we also changed the head version from Alpha 10.6 to Alpha 11, as the version has now piled up so many changes and additions that we think it is worth a major version tag!

Said that, for all those that did not closely follow…

Alpha 11 - Release Candidate 1

Does this mean a full wipe?

Currently it isn’t expected to require a new game unless you plan to use the CPU system (or want the new POI’s in SP).
They may resolve the wipe required for CPU before it goes to stable (they may have with this update and didn’t mention it yet).

There could still be issues without a wipe that haven’t been found yet though.

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