Alpha 6.0.2 - EXP 2 is out! HWS 6.0 teaser

Hey @everyone,

as you already read maybe the EXP2 is out:

This means few weeks left for the full 6.0 release and still a lot (some surprises too) left to do :wink:

Also for HWS we are still in big preparations because there is coming more and more of awesome stuff into the version which we need to consider and prepare wisely.

I fear the time will be - as always - very limited but we give our best!

Little Teaser

Too much to can be teasered but just picking randomly one thing some might be interested in:


Quasar has a straight forward meaning - danger, risk, possible reward. This orbit will be a dream or a nightmare for some survivalists…
You can only reach this orbit for certain days and then… the nuclear luminosity is just too much… the connections to the orbits you came from just torn appart and you are all alone there for another couple of days… isolated from the rest of the universe… but wait… maybe you are not alone… not alone at all… will you work together or against each other till the orbit refreshes itself and establish connections to the other orbits again so you can escape this scary place… but one thing is for sure… if you survived these days you can be proud and called be rich… maybe…

Stay tuned for more and more teasers…

Your HWS Team


Feels like V6 is just around the corner now.

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well I remember hearing mid April :smiley: so that’s next week :smiley:

There is one more experiemental feature drop scheduled to come out - If we take teh past patch as a performance measure, we shoudl expect the third in another week ish, and then that should bake for a week ish and then 6 drops.

So assuming Patch 3 is as big and rich as the other two, they will want us to play with it for a bit before the throw down 6 final. I’d give it 2-3 more weeks (behind the schedule, but when do devs actually release anything ON TIME? :D)

@RexXxuS Have you thought about how you are going to handle the ‘ship just warped without me’ bug. Will respawns be done in heavy armor suits with EVABoosts or will the player be stuck in a death cycle and hus be forced to do a fresh start every time there is a bug (and probably lose their ship by the time they get back assuming an opportunistic player finds it sitting at the next system’s jump point)?

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The solution to that bug was fresh start jumping into a warp sled anyways. At least we would be able to fresh start on origins.

Well the last what we want is a workaround around a bug. The bug needs to be killed in first place.
But till this is not done I can only recommend to prepare now even better. Always have a ready to spawn blueprint - always. Always have a “Home” set. Always equip your stuff with Medicbays.

Sooner or later everyone will get to the point - lessons learned then.

But if you are a complete noob, ehm I mean, hopeless, homeless, poor, alone and lost then we, the friendly admins are there for you :slight_smile:


With the 6.0 version, will we have all our ships and everything wiped, or just the planets? thx in advance.

See last section

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That doesn’t work because of another bug that allows players to spawn in others med bays. To be safe you need to always keep your med bays ripped out and only place them temporary when needed.

Due the medbay change in 6.0 this is under observation.

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