Alpha 9.3 & HWS 9.3 | HWS PvP Guide | New Missions | Reworked PDA | New Events | New PvP Meta | Upcoming Change

Hi HWS Community,

after a lot of work a bigger Patch is waiting for you!
I thought about many things recently and this is more or less an update or “Part 1” of changes.
Let’s begin with some simple stuff.

Back to the Roots (Part 1)

Recently I observed the Chat on both servers for some hours daily. It’s interesting what is happening and that way you can see some pitfalls or improvements.

Example 1
Using chats in faction chat vs global chat.
Many of you know, that commands need to be placed in faction chat to don’t spam everything.
But it would spam your faction chat, which is for some more important.
We can all agree, that the Empyrion Chat system is not 2019, so we have to live with it and I allowed chats in Global Chat again.

The main advantage: players will see sometimes that there is a command like sg:warp:xx … or ocd:put… or even egs:setstarterplanet !? :open_mouth: It’s a nice free advertisement.
We have the cooldown system already to prevent mass spam and again, most of you will still use faction chat for that anyways (privacy reasons)

Example 2
Speaking of OCD… how silly in its nature is the fact that you can’t use OCD on starter planets but on Prototype? Prototype which is meant to be super hardcore.
With the recent change, that you need to visit an OCD Zone for OCD level 1-4 it doesn’t make sense overall anymore.
In the end it is your decision to use OCD or not.

So overall we will turn it around for the next season: the Prototype Planet is a mega hardcore survival start without OCD, mass Aliens and hostile to everyone. The regular starter planets however will allow OCD. They will also have some OCD Zone POIs available here and there.

HWS PvP Guide

With a huge effort but even more requests from the Community @Zackey_TNT, @TheState and potential other Curators created the first detailed HWS PvP Guide!

Check it out here:

It is specifically created for HWS but has tons of good knowledge not everyone probably know!

Keep in mind though:
PvP is always subject of individual opinions! Nevertheless there is a baseline and you can contribute in a constructive manner.
Any finger pointing or other toxic approach in that Guide is removed without any warning!

New EGS HQ Missions & Reworked PDA

Reaching the Patreon Goal I’ve started with Part 1 of adding and reworking our HWS PDA - it’s much more consistent now.
While some of you can’t use it to its full extend because it got integrated mid season, it will be fully ready for the next season!

Highlight 1
We implemented the new and long requested PDA Auto Activation Chapter feature.
That means for example that if you walk into Alien Asylum, the PDA Chapter gets automatically activated! It sounds trivial but has massive impact on guiding players through missions and Story — you will see! :slight_smile:

Highlight 2
Please let me know how you like the new “Loot & Survive” Stargate Mission!
It was some seasons ago my “Battle Royale” Scenario. I reworked it and should be more fun now! Especially with tonnns of loot — if you can manage some PvP + Alien Party! :slight_smile:

New Events

As announced, I’ll setup today the new Deathmatch Events!
For the beginning it will be a Deathmatch about HWS Garage ships. But soon also your own designed ships with certain conditions (e.g. max. 1000 blocks)
They will be available every 1-2 hours and really free to join. No requirement or punishment.

New HWS PvP Meta

It’s not that major but might have a noticable impact for some PvP guys!
I reduced a lot of item hitpoints by -10% and reworked some damage / range / ROF.

Please make sure to read the full changelog here:

Other Changes

Black Hole

  • it is more instabile now! From Monday to Friday it is a one way from Homeworld System to Black Hole and you have to use the Supergates to escape from the PvP-Triangle. From Friday to Monday it is free to K-warp!


  • Since nobody found the Commodity Trader there, I made him more “visible” now :slight_smile:

NPC Trader

  • Applied some new 15% Discounts here and there, since it’s working now.


  • You didn’t bother with the HWS Tutorial in the Clone Chamber or forgot it already? Check out the new EGS HQ room at the top! Guide new players there to learn more about HWS! :slight_smile:

And some other fixes along the way…

That is not all though! The work for HWS 9.X on ~13th March started heavily already and I’m excited to this because we get a new start for the main Origins and much more detailed Story elements!

Thanks for reading and we hope you have fun!

With all the work and well, easy 100+ hours per week into all of this we really would appreciate if you support us via Patreon! Thank you! :slight_smile:

Your HWS Team


Just my 2 cents, but maybe it would make sense for the Prototype planet to still allow OCD:put, since you can’t take your things with you when you leave?

Sure you can :slight_smile:
Inventory: check
SV: check
CV: check

Only HV content needs to be put in the three above. Or docked to a CV.

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Sorry, I guess I’m behind on the Prototype meta.
I was under the impression that you still had to leave through a portal and couldn’t take anything but what was in player inventory.

The Prototype System has an One-Way Supergate :slight_smile:

You only need to visit the “Decision POI” once to pick an Origin. Afterwards you can fly with your ship to the Supergate and use the Supergate warp command :slight_smile:

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Sounds like great changes for the most part except for this: Why do player built ships get nerfed and restricted so severely while garage ships are just nice and dandy and not touched? It looks biased and discriminatory against player built ships and in favor of garage ships.

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I wonder if public constructor is functional now? At least if it is set to public we should get to set the input/output container ourselves.

Lovely work again rexx… can’t wait to jump in as soon as my power gets back :blush::blush::blush: (heavy snowfall)

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I’m not sure what you mean? Custom craft matches won’t be in the same match as garage ships, and the 10% nerf is against everything except xeno steel, which you can place on your CVs and bases if you’d like.

Even with this 10% range buff to HV Rockets and Plasma… it seems that SV has way too much range over HV.

Current ranges on GG
Arty: 262m
Rocket: 210m
Plasma: 207m

Laser: 250m
Railgun: 247m
Rocket: 236m
Plasma: 226m

HV artillery may have a 262m range but these are extremely easy to dodge for a skilled pilot giving SV plenty of room to be hammering on an HV without the anti SV guns even firing

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Thanks I will check that!

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Thank you for the testing and info! I know opinions are not the most important thing, but I think HV’s should have 5% to 10% longer range than SV’s since SV’s have a huge mobility advantage. So thank you for bringing that to Rex’s attention. And thank you Rex for looking into it!