Alpha Exp 4.0 all +(657)RC

Hi Galactic Survivalists,

We worked hard this week and have released Alpha Experimental 4.0 (Build 647) just in time for the weekend. We fixed many problems & incorporated much of your feedback. Again, a big thank you for the valuable comments and suggestions!

In the new version, we have re-balanced all mounted weapons and turrets. Please let us know what you think about the re-balanced weapons. In addition, the flying behavior of SVs should now be as in the pre-Alpha 4.0 version.

Known Issues:

  • Spawning a Blueprint with LCDs from Build 640 will result in an error that you can ignore
  • By joining a server as a new player or starting a new SP game, all deposits and POI are revealed

CHANGELOG: Alpha Experimental 4.0.0 (Build 647)


  • Separated CV and BA turrets to facilitate balancing
  • Added new Pulse Laser Turret (BA and CV)
  • Rebalanced all mounted weapons and turrets - let us know what you thing
  • Adapted ammo templates to new balancing
  • Rebalanced thruster and RCS (flying behavior should now be as in Alpha 3.4.2)

HV tweaks:

  • Rebalanced HV -> let us know if handling is better now
  • Added Hover Booster device that allows HV to perform jumps
  • Added new hover engine models, added T2 hover engine

Improved AMD:

  • Added 3 Tiers + upgrade possibility
  • Added thruster particles to AMD
  • Added sound effect, animations and particle effect
  • Added map icon to AMD
  • Improved UI
  • AMD has no minimum deposit size anymore (i.e., it works for all deposit sizes)

Changes / Improvements:

  • All hull, window and truss blocks are now automatically updated to the corresponding new block when spawning a pre-Alpha 4.0 BP
  • Added “waypoints” and “show on map” (buttons are now functional): Structures that are chosen as waypoint are now displayed in yellow on map and have a yellow arrow on HUD
  • Support ‘EnableMaxBlockCount’ in dedicated.yaml (thus you can disable MaxCount on your dedicated server if you prefer - we will have this possibility also in SP very soon)
  • Blueprint Library now also considers EnableMaxBlockCount from dedicated.yaml
  • All hull blocks and weapon blocks are now correctly labeled
  • Tweaked shader of blocks (colors appear now slightly different)
  • Added scrollbar to LCD display input in Control Panel (instead of shrinking the text)
  • Tweaked particle effect on color tool -> make better visible for dark colors
  • Added more XP for higher levels (due to new blocks)
  • Improved hold animation and material on flashlight
  • Added Entity ID to STATISTICS window
  • Added better info to alien blocks (e.g. Ion Cannon, Alien Core, etc)
  • Renamed Stock Blueprints: SV_Prefab_ instead of SV_Starter
  • Adapted default color on all interior wall textures (grey instead of no color) since diffuse texture is now white
  • Adapted template starter block CV: now large hull blocks needed

Bug Fixes:

  • Fixed: Problem that HV can fly around like SV
  • Fixed: HV diving into water when going down a slope
  • Fixed: Re-printing an pre4.0 blueprint leads to message “forbidden blocks”
  • Fixed: Height problem of UMA character (e.g. clipping head through cockpit window, too large for seat, etc)
  • Fixed: Codelock: setting 0000 does not make devices accessible for the public
  • Fixed: Using scope in 3rd person leads to problems
  • Fixed: Docking Pads missing from HV menu
  • Fixed: Reduce Flashlight-intensity on Drone and other Flashlight-mounted items OR add a possibility to switch off light
  • Fixed: Nullref in Registry Window
  • Fixed: White Colouring on Placing Devices
  • Fixed: Strange Colouring when placing Walkway/Truss Blocks
  • Fixed: Problem with missing chunks on terrain
  • Fixed: CoQ when discovering POIs
  • Fixed: Removing a Wing does not count down HP when disassembled
  • Fixed: Jetpack particle effect is seen in firstperson when using flashlight
  • Fixed: Fix weights and power for CV/HV/BA/SV devices (Thrusters)
  • Fixed: Alien Core can be placed on any building that already HAS a core
  • Fixed: Dropping certain blocks from your inventory leads to them falling through the ground
  • Fixed: Durian Sprout only attributes a fraction of XP compared to all other sprouts
  • Fixed: AMiD operational time / fuel use / output broken
  • Fixed: Possible Nullref when adding fuel to AMiD
  • Fixed: Thrusters firing with full force when CV/SV are hovering or landed
  • Fixed: SV/HV thrusters still firing full throttle when docked
  • Fixed: Hovering CV/SV is falling to the ground when pilot leaves the seat (MP and SP)
  • Fixed: CV and SV slowly sinking to the ground, despite hovering
  • Fixed: Changing window tint on a NEW build CV will show it as “not allowed”
  • Fixed: Exploit: duplicate items in any container just by leaving the playfield (MP) (only for container)
  • Fixed: Drones/POI and NPC do NOT attack player on foot
  • Fixed: Out of Oxygen “Psychadelic” Colours (Sepia Tone Effect)

Hi guys,

Here is a small update that fixes the problem that all POIs and resource deposits were revealed in a new game.

CHANGELOG: Alpha Experimental 4.0.0 (Build 648)

Changes / Improvements:

  • Rockets now don’t explode any more if they hit their ‘own’ structure
  • Added better Particle Effect for Repair Bay
  • Tweaked damage bonus on mounted weapons and turrets.
  • Added better name to alien weapons
  • When starting the Dedi server tool via Steam, it now launches the dedi with GUI

Bug Fixes:

  • Fixed: Entering the server or starting a new SP game as a nonfaction player reveals all POI and deposits
  • Fixed: Exploit: duplicate items in any container just by leaving the playfield (MP)
  • Fixed: Can not place core in or deconstruct blocks of core-less POI when relogin in between (SP only)
  • Fixed: MAP command does not reveal POIs and deposits on server anymore

Alpha Experimental 4.0 (Build 650)

Hi Galactic Survivalists,

We added a new goodie to the game: an active radar homing missile that will follow your vessel during a certain time. We added this feature to the Turret Rocket (BA / CV) - these turrets will now be much more effective against fast moving targets. Let us know what you think.

CHANGELOG: Alpha Experimental 4.0.0 (Build 650)

Changes / Improvements:

  • Added homing missile to Turret Rocket (BA / CV)
  • Added more map icons (AMD, Water Generator, Oxygen Generators)
  • Changed map icon for backpack, survival constructor and base
  • Added repair bay for CV (repairs only SV, HV)
  • Increased energy consumption for repair bays
  • Some tweaks to hover engine values
  • Re-added HV stock prefabs (equipped with new hover engines)
  • Tweaked TechTree: Open cockpit is now Tier 3
  • “Crashed ship” on Moon and Lava planet is now less deep buried in ground

Bug Fixes:

  • Fixed: Auto Mining Device (AMD) T3 only mines 200 ore per hour instead of 400
  • Fixed: AMD upgrade: Upgrading deletes all remaining fuel packs
  • Fixed: AMD upgrading leads to CoQ
  • Fixed: Output Window Content is deleted when upgrading Large Constructor to Advanced Constructor
  • Fixed: output item in constructor don’t drop
  • Fixed: Namechange not updated in REGISTRY list
  • Fixed: Rename Plasma Charge and Laser Charge
  • Fixed: Checkboxes in AMD (show on map, faction access) should work now
  • Possible fix for error while repairing

Hi Galactic Survivalists,

The Alpha 4.0 build is already looking pretty good. Very soon we will have a Release Candidate for the official release.

CHANGELOG: Alpha Experimental 4.0.0 (Build 653)

Changes / Improvements:

  • Tweaked model of hover engines: Increased glowing part below
  • Supporting ground particles now on new HV engines.
  • Tweaked AMD mining formula to better take into account different deposits sizes (faster mining on large deposits, slower mining on small deposits)
  • Issuing message when player LMBs on money or gold coin
  • Added On/Off switch to REPAIR PADS
  • Tweaked normal hull texture and some other textures
  • Added sound to repair bay + tweaked color of emissive to match particle effect
  • Improved shader on turrets HV
  • MaxCount of special devices (e.g. Core, Repair Bay, Warp Drive etc) is taken into account also in Creative mode
  • Added new Spawnpoint Icon in Registry Window
  • Enable Power Toggle in Registry Window
  • Added better sound to ATM and adjusted UI slightly

More weapon balancing:

  • Increased Damage for all weapons and turrets for HV and SV, except Rocket Launcher and Railgun
  • Decreased Damage for Rocket Launcher / Turret (SV,HV)
  • Increased Damage for Minigun, Cannon, Pulse Laser, Plasma and Artillery Turret (CV,BA)
  • Slightly decreased damage for Flak (CV,BA)
  • Decreased damage for Rocket Turret (CV,BA)
  • Increased RPM for Railgun, Rocket Launcher (SV)
  • Increased RPM for Rocket Turret (HV,BA,CV)
  • Decreased RMP for Artillery Turret (HV) and Plasma Turret (CV,BA)
  • Decreased Reload Delay for Plamsa, Railgun and Rocket Launcher (SV)
  • Decreased Reload Delay for Plasma Turred (HV)
  • Increased Reload Delay for Artillery (HV)
  • Decreased Reload Delay for Rocket Turret and Artillery Turret (CV,BA)
  • Increased Reload Delay for Plasma Turret (CV,BA)
  • Added Area-of-Effect for all Pulse Laser / Pulse Laser Turrets (2 blocks; CV,BA,HV,SV)
  • Increased Rotation Speed for Rocket Turret (HV+CV+BA; 150 -> 250 °/sec)
  • Clip Size is now 50% of RPM for SV and HV (except Artillery)
  • Clip Size is now 100% of RPM for BA and CV (except Artillery)
  • Increased Rotation Speed of Sentry(Player) 150->250

Bug Fixes:

  • Fixed: POI Exploit: Conquer / taking over without fighting / using and accessing devices
  • Fixed: HV needs to automatically TILT back to the ground when crossing a ledge
  • Fixed: Adding Landing Pad to the HV results in irregular behavior
  • Fixed: LCD text out of bound when spawning BP then quit and resume
  • Fixed: Warp Arrow not shown anymore
  • Fixed: Going to space: all asteroids, drones and POIs revealed on Orbit map. Back to planet: ore deposits hidden
  • Fixed: Constructor Output dupe exploit #2 (MP)
  • Fixed: Exploit: constructor output field dupe (MP)
  • Fixed: Food Processor Exploit: FP bug when creating food items (MP only)
  • Fixed: Enabling Power Remotely via CP opened from REGISTRY does not work
  • Fixed: RCS blocks show up on top of the water layer instead of difused underneath it.
  • Fixed: CoQ if opening Texture Tool 2nd time via Player drone
  • Fixed: HV without docking pad can not be undocked from active CV
  • Fixed: CV starter block still has the “old” blocks
  • Fixed: Factory: Player inventory overlapping with headline tabs

Hey everyone,

We have a Release Candidate for the upcoming Alpha 4.0 release.

CHANGELOG: Alpha Experimental 4.0.0 (Build 655)

Changes / Improvements:

  • Terrain placeables have smaller icons on map/radar now
  • Improved weapon hold on some pistols.
  • Added more fog / clouds when high up in air
  • Temporary Spec Workaround for Shiny Areas on planet
  • “Faction Access” and “Show on Map” buttons now also in (Emergency) Oxygen / Hydrogen and -Water Generators
  • Using ‘always visible’ shader for axis of preview blocks
  • Added old base to Omicron again (Transportation hub was too expensive on weak machines)
  • Workaround/Fix for “In Space you see a lot of white dots on the back of asteroids”

Bug Fixes:

  • Fixed: HV dives into the water
  • Fixed: SV and HV rise to “water level” when in an underground cavern
  • Fixed: DEVICE LIMIT seems to be active in Singleplayer -> adapted message
  • Fixed: Picking up a Survival Constructor (SHIFT-F) or removing Constructo from structure leads to CoQ
  • Fixed: Crossing the green border in a HV on water, leads to the HV sinking into the water
  • Fixed: Possible to place items in the Output field of terrain placeable generators
  • Fixed: Block upgrade BACV: wrong block ids used (HP)
  • Possible fix for: MP: Random COQ when clicking on the Registry (Server)
  • Fixed: Server CoQ Client Side when clicking on the Registry (random)
  • Fixed: Reproducible COQ when being shot in an SV by BA Turrets
  • Fixed: Faction Discovery: info not shared instantly. Need relogin/switch playfield to update
  • Fixed: Blue flash shown when switching tools&weapons

Hi everyone,

We have just released an update with some small last minute tweaks and fixes for the Release Candidate.

CHANGELOG: Alpha Experimental 4.0.0 (Build 657)

Changes / Improvements:

  • Added visual overlay for “Center of Mass” and “Center of Vessel”
  • Adjusted motorbike lights and particles
  • Reduced weight of T3 Fuel tank to 80 ton
  • Added Infotext for Artificial Mass Block on how to use it

Bug Fixes:

  • Fixed: Hover vehicle -> Landing gear problem
  • Fixed: Bike “slides” instead of driving - as observed by a 2nd player in MP
  • Fixed: Minigun Turret (CV/BA) only reloads 88 bullets
  • Fixed: Hands of player on motorbike do not touch the handlebars
  • Fixed: Jetpack flare showing in First person view
  • Fixed: CoQ when leaving a savegame (back to Main Menu)
  • Fixed: CoQ when loading a savegame from pre-655 (created with 650 or 653)
  • Fixed: Console: 50 characters limit leads to problems with the new replaceblocks commands (now 150 chars are allowed)
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So the block weight and thrusters are balanced now? I’m at work and speed reading this. Am I reading that correctly? Sooooo, we don’t need to rework our ship builds?

Yea that is fixed. Not exact as now but 90% there, still upwards thrust a little off but no having to redesign all ships :D.

Weapons have had a major re-configure and as a whole not great fun, hopefully feedback given will ensure they don’t arrive in 4.0 like this!

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Thanks Achilles! I can live with nerfed guns as long as I don’t have to scrap all my designs. I’m sure if the guns are too weak they’ll patch it. Keep us posted sir! And thanks again!

Raven, have you tested your builds? If so how do you feel about the current state?

You can just opt in to the experimental build via steam - tweak your designs and so on and then optout again to play on the server.

The only weirdness that I’ve seen is that clicking on the designs you made in experimental in the game causes an error (but not a crash).

I’ve been doing that to design a CV for 4.0 so you can blow it up…

Yea, Ive tried 2 of the builds, just wanted other opinions.

I have not yet. Hoping soon

Back all BP’s up. I noticed that I lost everything I had spawned in a creative game once I reverted back from 4.0. I had it all backed up, just wasn’t expecting to see that creative playfield empty after reverting back.

One thing I’m confused by in Creative is so many of my BPs say “Disabled By Server” but can be spawned just fine - not sure what’s up…

That is down to weapon restrictions mostly, as it stands you can only have a max of it think like 30 weapons for CV (don’t hold me to that figure) :wink:

Of the lets say 30 its made up of only so many Artillery, Plasma, Minigun etc.

Things are changing thick and fast with the experimental so don’t amend anything, when the offical 4.0 changelog released any blueprint notes will be published but they are trying to make it an easy transition :smiley:

Yeah that’s what I thought. Cut it down to 21 turrets and still not OK. Guess I have too many of a particular type - is there a list of maximums somewhere or just in game?

I haven’t seen a list unfortunately, The devs are changing stuff every few days at the moment and i know from feedback people are happy with weapon restrictions just not really happy with the specific weapon restrictions, so in the next few experimental builds hopefully most blueprints will be functional :slight_smile:

Until then just go off trial and error in game :wink:

I like the number of weapons restriction - but you’re right that it should be tied to the size of the ship as otherwise it makes large ships pointless. I mean sure we’ll build a mobile base to hide somewhere, but then build minimalist CVs. Hell I have a 50 device CV that costs less than my SV and has 23 turrets iirc.

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What I’m thinking is remove turrets from BP’s and just add turrets when you spawn.

It won’t let you. It’s same behavior as trying to add a 2nd core or warp drive. There is a max count set by the game rather than a server script that can be fooled.

Whatever decision is made for the public version of the game, I think they already stated that these would be server configurable settings so I imagine this server can balance as seen fit by the admins.

updated !!! 653

Yea, been following the releases. It seems this last one was a bunch of tweaks…maybe close to the final version…I bet we may see it this weekend!