Hi Galactic Survivalists,

We just released A10.3 to the EXPERIMENTAL branch. We plan to release it to public at the beginning of next week. Please let us know what you think about the new "time to next attack" for the base attack feature.

CHANGELOG: Alpha EXPERIMENTAL 10.3.0 (Build 2529)

Updated Base Attack:

  • Added "Time to next attack" to Registry and Control Panel stat window: you will now roughly now when your bases will be attacked
  • Swap out Last Attack time…

    Alpha EXPERIMENTAL 10.3.0

a new EXP version got released with a lot of my “PvP todos for Eleon” over a long period of time! So I have to explain a bit more.

  1. A lot of DSL issues got fixed, especially for PvP a very important change! On Golden Globe for example, if you attack a base and then retreat it should not be unloaded anymore. That means the 2-3 second stuttering or even disconnects for weak Computers should not happen anymore! Other DSL fixes like the Greenwall “trick” or “POI diving” should be fixed as well hopefully.

  2. The biggest one since over 1 year: The Hitscan Exploit! Drama only because of that. Rage quits only because of that. Quick explanation: Hitscan weapons like the Gatling Gun and Pulse Laser always shot where your cursor looked at. Which means with page up/down you could abuse it.
    Now, the Raycast is bound to the gun muzzle (the front of your weapon). It was used for cheese tactics to cover behind a mountain and shoot at enemys without any resistance for example. All that should be finally fixed now.
    However, in the current EXP version it’s not 100% ready yet. Which means you will damage your own ship, if you move fast around, so the raycast is inside your ship. In the next EXP part 2, a detection will prevent damage on your own ship.
    => Still, you probably need to rebuild your pulse / gatling ship, which had this hitscan exploit built-in automatically. Basically free your Pulse / Gatling from obstacles - similar to your rocket launchers.

So please test this and the next EXP pretty good. It’s a big step forward to a fair PvP for everyone - I’m pushing since years.

Before you would have shot to the cursor.
Now you shoot at the red marked spot at the bottom.

I’m already on the next EXP with the fix, that your own ship does not get damaged as I said.
However (!) the Pulse Tracers are still shooting through your ship!
I know already that this will come up in the future “why got pulse nerfed!?!? SVs are broken now!!!” etc.

So keep in mind:
Your pulse + gatling have a raycast now! Make sure to have free path to the enemy when shooting.
I made a video for you to illustrate this:
If I move too fast and “would” shoot against my own ship, I do no damage on the terrain, but Tracers do suggerate it.

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Looks interesting, glad to see more progress. Since they are already tinkering with the weapons, I have a suggestion to perhaps go along with the new roll out. I’d really love to see a different reticle, one that confirms missile lock or just positive target confirmation by changing colors; a more complex style would also be welcomed. It seems a bit silly to have all this tech in the game like warp drives, but then the weapon targeting systems are from 1918. I feel like the Red Baron looking down iron sights most of the time.

Thanks for your consideration.