Alpha Experimental 12.3

Hello Galactic Survivalists!

Here is the EXP version for the upcoming Alpha 12.3 patch. Please test as much as you like and give us feedback - thanks a lot!!


  • built with Unity 2019.4 - please check for any unusual behavior
  • Added new communication channel 4 for low prio client <-> dedi communication to get less player disconnects
  • You can now sit down at most of the furnishings (except beds)
  • Added updated variants of Human, Talon and Zirax Trader (Now using a styled…

    Alpha Experimental 12.3

miniguns and drills on SVs? interesting. But will it fix the lagfest and disconnects?

See #feedback channel on Discord :confused:

as you can see above Alpha 12.3 got pushed out quite fast…
I have to update some Config stuff, which will take a bit.
For now I adapt most of Vanilla things like the SV Minigun turret nonsense and revisit it for the next season on 5th August. See it as test.
In best case though, this patch should “” fix “” the disconnect popups :fingers_crossed:

Server are running.

  1. as announced Detectors are forced to 1 again
  2. see the weird Eleon decisions as test on HWS. Like SV Drills, SV Minigun Turrets and especially this stupid SV Pulse Laser on a HV…
    It might all change in the next season on 5th August again.
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