Alpha EXPERIMENTAL 9.7: Unity 2018.3

Hi Galactic Survivalists!

Since our Unity 2018.1 version finally seems to be stable, we now released Alpha EXPERIMENTAL 9.7 where upgraded the game engine to Unity 2018.3. For this upgrade, we had to switch the network protocol to Unity UNET. So please pay special attention to multiplayer.

Changelog: Alpha 9.7 (Build 2310)



Can’t log on. My client updated to 9.7 but HWS server is 9.6. Is there a way to revert back to 9.6? Help!

Hello and welcome @Armadon

the same way you upgraded to Alpha 9.7 the same way you downgrade to Alpha 9.6 :slight_smile:

Steam Library > Right click on Empyrion > Properties > BETAS > Switch to “NONE” (Public)