Am:fuel:all full only iron ? O_o

Hello !

Yesterday i’ve got some auto miner cores. So i wanted to fuel all my OAM so i typed “am:fuel:all” but it only fuel the iron OAM… did i miss something ? :slight_smile:


what InGame-Name do you have and what Server are you on?
Please match your Ingame and Forum name.

Jashca this happened to me too I think I know what it is but I may be mistaken, I’m on NA, I fueled 16 yesterday, what happened is each ore got 1 then the remainder all went to iron. So maybe when there’s not enough to go equal and you do fuel all, it just goes to first?

Yes that is right.
He will split it equally and the remaining he will put into the first. As mentioned this is just a “for now” option.I will try to get the fueling of each one separately done as soon as possible.
Maybe this afternoon.


Sorry Jascha :slight_smile:

ingame name : -RH-
Faction : FST
Server : EU

Its all fueld:

yep but Iron is at 29 and the others have not been fuel. Do you see what i mean ?
i already used am:fuel:all and it fuel it correctly but not this time :slight_smile:

Who should I contact to have my autominers redistributed? I would prefer that they go into the gold, but I’ll accept an even distrabution.

The server wipes in a couple of days, including fuel, does it really matter :slight_smile:

@RexXxuS fuel is wiping right? Just to make sure I’m not spreading false rumors lol

Mine is only fuelling my gold it seems

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