AM:HWS discussion

HWS Auto miners can only be pulled in PVP.

Discuss :slight_smile:

Ok, I pop in, type it in.
Warp back out. No real danger here. Unless you drastically reduce the pull rate that is

Should work if you have no structures in PVE only, or maybe a better rate for those living in PVP.

Maybe a mix with the old idea of Rex about PVP currency like a PVP AM currency :smiley: to be able to buy some special packages to a npc.

Honestly guys I think rex is gonna do something using the warpable config to make it so that vets cant just go live in starters anyways. But remember if you make it so it doesnt work in pve or the like, it loses it’s main benefit, the small trickle of resources for nooblets to help them get started.

You’d just be nerfing the Fresh Start option.

The best use case for the AMs is to do a fresh start when your Home has been wiped out and to fill up your warpsled with resources from the AM to build basics you need to survive.

If you are able to live in PvP space you don’t really need autominers except for blue crystal - and with CV mining and Pentaxit asteroids you might not need that anymore either.

I am seriously considering selling my autominers if 5.1 asteroids can provide sufficient pentax.

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I’m sorry but i think you got the AM all wrong, at first when Rex created it it was to help everyone.

Since when you need AM on a starter PVE planet full of ressources ? if you’re new you have no credits and AM at zero, lv1 free is a joke, it will be faster to go gather some ressources like we all did when you start.

If you managed to buy all AM to 10 then you managed to get 5M, i think you have already filled your OCD / stock some BP in case you’re wiped so it’s a just a bonus if you do a fresh start, meanwhile it can really helps ppl living in full PVP to keep ammo / defense up more than ppl who start or get wiped etc…:smiley:

Why in the world would you want AMs to not work in pve.

Personally I only use my ocd during wipes.

My ocd right now is empty and will remain so till 6.0 is on the horizon.

I have used the AM exactly in the way described when I had to do fresh starts.

Sure I have a warp sled in the factory but being able to pop out enough resources to actually have fuel and Pentax is nice.

Since you respawn there without a drill…

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lol no comments on that one…:smiley:

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Don’t see a problem with HWS am’s (Text based), but it could be fun to have a multiplier attached to them in some way that could be influenced by holding strategic positions on pvp planets to encourage expansion, maybe lets say if your base is within 100m of a deposit, the am for that deposit is increased 3 fold for everyone in that faction. Example I build my base on a pvp planet 50m from a iron deposit then all my normal am’s stay at the same rate, but iron increases 3x faster. This would create hot spots that people fight for regularly with lesser hot spots around deposits of lesser importance. This would also balance out a bit as people are only allowed 7 BA, so if the faction is greedy and wants to control 2 major resource deposits they would have to split their base in 2 weakening both.

Frankly I wish AMs were base structures that could be built anywhere on the planet in any quantity but could only mine the minerals that were present on the planet. Think of it as digging out trace minerals deep underground rather than actual massive mineral veins.

You’d have no control over which mineral you get per tick and you’d get way less - but could build as many AMs as you have cores and fuel for.

It’d actually create a reason to build bases on planets besides “owning” the meteorites on it via turret spam.


^^ this. Makes a lot of sense, and prevents the catastrophe of them making it so autominers deplete nodes. Also allows you to set up an automining operation on planets with only meteorites remaining, without having to have regular wipes.

I think that was the plan at some point - but instead they moved towards deplyables spam…

Probably easier to code, and follows same routines as existing water/o2 generators.

O i thought the topic was about the text based auto miners not the placable ones… then yes i agree with you on the placable ones mordi, those things the way they are now on starter planets is just silly.

The text autominer discussion was stupid so I derailed it.