Am:info and am:?

Hi Jascha, how are you?
I recently blew the dust of my empyrion and decided to host a server. I have EAH full set up and for the best part working perfectly but i have a slight issue with the virtual auto miner. It is working for all the ore types i selected but am:info and am:? dont seem to be working. ive tried a few things to fix it but so far no joy.
Ive recently been speaking with Rexxxus over steam and he said to let you know, currently its no real issue i dont mind manually checking for anyone but not so handy if im not online haha.
Kind Regards Black Phoenix/ Blackvortex


Glad to hear :slight_smile:

Does the rest of the Chatbot work?
Like CB:? etc?

Did you activate AM:Info in config?


Also: Do you have any other mods installed?
See folders in: …SteamLibrary\steamapps\common\Empyrion - Dedicated Server\Content\Mods

HI Jascha.
Yeah the chat bot seem to be working along with the other CB commands I enabled like get ship down.
I activated am:info when activating the auto miner and resource types. Ive since stopped the server disabled am:info and started the server before stopping it again and re-enabling it. I also done the same but deactivated the whole auto miner and re-enabled it but with no luck.
Other mods I do have some installed some have not been configured yet currently running “inventory sort” “ship dealer” and a virtual backpack mod…the ship dealer and backpack mod have yet to be configured.
I will remove the other mods and test to make sure there’s no conflicts between them.

Your the man my friend…after removing the mods I tested and its now working fine :slight_smile: just need to figure what;s causing the conflict. Tyvm saves me checking manually when ppl ask lol

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the solution is easy. EAH uses port 12345 for its mod. Sadly other Mod owners copier that port and did not take their own. Therefore the ports are blocked and so is the connection between the game and EAH.

To solve this (to use also other mods): Either change the EAH API Port (config) and in the Mod EPM folder Config.txt) to another port, or change the ports of the other mods to a different port if possible.

Glad thats the reason. Took us long to figure that out a few month ago.

I have EAH configured to its own dedicated port. ive re-added some of the mods the main ones i wanted and all seems fine …just my ship trader mod doesnt seem to work sadly …ill figure a work around tho :slight_smile:

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Maybe get in contact with the owner. Not that the has a fixed port or so.