Am not working right after installing new universe

Hey Guys,

Probably a simple answer, but after I installed a new universe for the players the HWS AM seems broken. New players it does not work. My player I can AM:GET:ALL but it only does 10 units at a time for each command.

Can I reset the out of game AM somehow?


did you update the tool? We fixed that in the last update, if its the same thing.
Mabye try that.

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Hi Jascha,

Running V01.31.1 FULL

Upgraded a couple of days ago copying the new over the old.

I have not had a chance to check with the players since I posted this so suggest you don’t worry till I get some feedback.



I got lucky and had a player online.

He has (from me looking at the AM tool) iron, gold, zac, neo, eres and BC, but is only getting iron when he does AM:GET:ALL

Ok, I just gave him some fuel packs just to be sure. I see him with 115 iron and 46 in all the others. He did the get all command and only received the iron, not the others.



Iron is the first entry in the Autominer right?
And when he gets it it is not taken from the autominer or?

Well we fixed that. Maybe just download agian… nut sure if I maybe made a small version inbetween. Would be strange if that continues.
If that does not help, can you turn on “Detail Logs” und “Config-Features” and then try AM:Get:all and then after 1 minute turn it offf again and send me the log.txt and the telnet.txt?
Thanks a lot

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Thanks Jascha,

I’ll try that after work today.


Many thanks Jascha,

I redownloaded and installed and that has fixed the problem.

Love your work mate.


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