Ammo draining h86 +

22 15:02 AsherGrey H86 64 Iceworld Little digger 4
22 13:46 AsherGrey H86 45 Iceworld Offline protection 3

22 14:57 Real Lightning H86 43 Iceworld Girls Girls Girls
22 12:27 Real Lightning H86 27 Iceworld Ice Matilda 1

Using obscene language

22 13:10 Skiz ᶠᶸᶜᵏᵧₒᵤ H86 6 Iceworld Small Vessel (SV)

Sorry H86 i don’t to report but you guys only show when we’re offline

Not really getting this?
What is the problem here? Language/Ammo draining?
Please put in prove/screenshots, not just 5 random copies of something without meaning. Or at least explain what you mean with that.


Ammo draining is the problem. Let me copy those

I was offline during that time here is a copy of of the logs

Before this lockes can this be looked at

Sorry but whom do you want to accuse of Ammo Draining?
Plesae list names and how often they died in what time period. I cant see any evidence in the pictures.

AsherGrey 19 times in 1:45 minutes

Real Lightning 16 times 1:30 minutes

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