Ammo draining or not?

Hello everyone! I am writing from my phone so excuse me if i make any mistakes.

Yesterday our main faction base was destroyed and looted completely! We had this base for 2 to 3 weeks now. It had everything. Defense turrets loaded with full ammo, extra defensive base nearby, some hv with artillery nearby, one cv with turrets fully loaded, main base underground with full power (fuel) and those turrets that defend from players entering and more! I’ve checked the intruder log from hws site and saw that 3 ppl from FSP faction (freelancer if i remember correct) were busy infiltrating our base (V M freelancer faction) from 3 after midnight untill 11 o clock early in the morning which to me 7 whole hours trying to get into a base seems like breaking the server’s rule of ammo draining! I can’t imagine any base having enough ammo to defend attackers for so many hours straight. I’ve checked those intruder logs to figure out about their deaths but can’t get it! Don’t understand how the site logs their deaths upon trying to infiltrate!
Just to make it clear, I am not complaining about our base getting owned. I just wonder if any admin could just take a look at those logs and let us know if FSP did it the right way or if they are new to the server and they didn’t spent a couple of minutes reading the rules like we have! If they conquered our base the right way without draining the ammo on purpose then we can congratulate them for the amazing work cause we really had put some nice def!

Sorry for the wall of text.
TLDR: Our base got destroyed and looted although it had a heavy def. It took them almost 7 hours. Need some admin to check if there’s any case of ammo draining cause we had it pretty much loaded with “guns and gunpowder” !!

check the logs with death count they will go to jail if they died to many times

Well i did that but as i said i am currently on a trip for the weekend and i am having a hard time figuring out if they died a lot or not from my phone! They only thing i get right is the time they started and when they left! Thanks anyway for the reply!

thats fine look at the enemy death on attack. The difference in the 2 numbers is the amount of death.


Hmm seems legit! 2 ppl having 24 deaths together… ! If i didn’t make any mistake counting, then kudos to them!

To me 24 deaths seems pretty high, how can we be sure it was not a case of ammo drain? In the rules it specifically says that anything over 5 deaths is considered an ammo drain situation.

24 deaths in 7 hours? that doesnt sound like ammo drain to me that just sounds like a lot of dead cv’s and sv’s trying to capture the base. (as each cv and sv death is +1 death to the character aswell.)

Consider the fact they surely needed some time to loot the base cause we were the only faction that had a healthy base on Comet7 after the 5.0 wipe! Even after the big “SWP wipe” … !

After all if Thelbanor is right (i can’t currently find the server’s rules) then … rules are there for a reason! And 24 deaths is almost 5 times the original penalty! Can’t ignore that easily!

Those rules are 5 deaths by foot thou, they could have been deaths in ships, which wouldn’t count.

Ok. I understand what you are saying BUT…
Our base had one level above the ground, with every kind of defensive turrets plus one cv and one hv with artillery turret and one level underground with more defensive stuff over there. The fact that the turrets above were left untouched and my friends from our faction salvaged them is a proof that they did walk their way inside which could mean most of those deaths were indeed on their feet!
Anyways some admin clarification on the subject would be nice. Rules are rules. And if you remember back then Kogami when i bumped onto your base and died several times trying to get my backpack stuff i was checking every couple of minutes when someone from your faction would log into the game so i could apologize cause i didn’t want to be accused for ammo draiming. When you logged i did exactly that! Remember?
So i was feeling guilty that I knew the server’s rules and didn’t have any intention to mess with your base but FSP on the other hand are cool!
Anyways it’s abit weird this rule applying to ppl walking and not to ppl flying. I could then ammo drain a base by simply having some low cost SVs flying above while dodging bullets forever!!! If i am a good pilot… render the base defenseless and then just walk my way in…! Hehe!


Let me introduce myself. Sayak Leader of FSP now correctly named FDM (Fandomanza)
Let get me started.
It all began with you shooting down our scout Star Fury. Then we went to initial combat with basic tanks and fighter. Lost one tank and two fighters total. Two fighters and few deaths on your side as well.
Went to sleep myself. Fulgrim and Leftside took as point of honor taking down your base. They took few Miner class assault tanks and fighters. Spent hours digging around to get to your base. Lost most of tanks in process. In the end they managed to take down your generators and disable base defence. Intact turrets outside were caused by just avoiding them by digging.

This is it.

Im always asking around if someone wants to accept alliance. We gladly accept those too. You did not and fought us. This is how it ends.

Now i need to make new tanks …

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I was one of the atacker, so let me get some clarifications:
First of all - the attack. No ammo was drained (even tho we had the vehicles and could have tanked the whole thing legally), we took some fire from the underground system, mainly towards or vehicles and mainly antipersonel turrets that were quickly dissmissed with precision high explosive fire from our ships. Took a some shots from the bigger turrets that i tanked with our HV/SV before destroying the turrets.

Most of the base didn’t even get a chance to fire for one reason - we found and destroyed you generator room. Your whole base was out of juice.

The your ammo stockpile was most liekly destroyed in the atack, as we never managed to get neither to the loot nor to the core of the base (most of the damage was done while digging around for the core).

You CV took some shots from my own after deactivating the base, but quickly gitched into the ground or green wall and just vanished.

As for the death, part of those deaths were during the first encounter after which we retreated for a few hours, to analyze the base from the screenshots we’ve taken.
Some more deaths got added from vehicles glitching into the green wall next to your base (when you pass the green wall it throws you into the air). We lost a total of 4 HV and 6 SV, you could see the carcasses around the base.
We only had a couple of deaths on foot, before we found out the antipersonel turrets.

Also, i’d like to adress the time, we atacked the base in 3 “waves” first time with little preparation and were quickly destroyed by the defenses when our HV glitched. Took 1 hour. We came back around 2 hours later and were trying to find a way around the defenses, took the generators out then.
Then we took a break to go place our autominers on FL starter after the wipe, and came back a while later.

If you have any questions, please ask.

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I am glad you stopped by my thread.
As i said in the beginning we were the only faction that survived in Comet 7 from the start of 5.0. That only happens if you are willing to cooperate, to make neighbors, to form any alliance you can. Ziggy from TMP that you are allied can assure you for that! I personally wrote in global chat after our first encounter and all i got was no answer from you guys. I did sent you an alliance request after that! Ziggy from TMP knows that too cause we were chatting on steam about it. Again no response! It seems you wanted some personal vendetta.
And in case you never noticed … we had turrets!!! Your “scout” got AUTO attacked by our base cause …ehmm … that’s what base defense turrets do! The way you described it is like we were expecting your scout vessel to pass by and we were manually attacking the moment you were near! Anyways. I see your need to brag about it and why not! I even congratulated you earlier if you did this in the right way! But you did it to the most friendly and willing to make alliance faction in Comet7 ! Hehe! Even Kogami from VHP knows that!We were neighbors, sent them a couple of requests but they never accepted cause they aaree … yaaar… pirates you know? :wink:
Yeah maybe you guys shouted in global for alliance but it seems we never noticed! Anyways we were lucky cause we had just moved most of our important stuff in our “backup” CV. And yeah you can now make lots of tanks i guess! You did get enough resources for them! :slight_smile:

We were so focused on combat that i did not noticed your request. Sorry for that, happens when you focus on voice commands. Since we did not got the core we did not managed to get much loot, or it was destroyed in process.

So tank farming begins :smiley:

No it’s cool! As i stated earlier either you went the wrong way or you did a great job. Everything is pointing the right direction so in a pvp game we must accept defeat, respect our opponent and learn from our mistakes! GG!

Btw AM on starter planet?? Isn’t that against the rules or…? Lol!

There is nothing about AM in rules actually, and you can find lot of those online on all starters. Perhaps you should put yours as well ?

We might…! I am not at home currently and our first priority is to decide if we are going to try again for a planetside base or being mobile with our “backup” CV and stuff like that!

On your seat i would go for deep space one, with 5 or so gun nests around.

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