Ammo Draining Violation


Originally, wasn’t going to report this as I assumed the player was a newbie. Later verified, that he has over 1000 hours in Empyrion total.

Player Name Violating Rules: [JL] Pepperoni
Approximate Day & Time: 2018 01 05 8 37 59 PM
Playfield: Galactic Oasis
Issue: Player was violating the ammo draining rule by spawning over and over again naked.

The offending player was advised in chat that this was a rule violating. The player pushed back saying it was not a rule.

This video shows 5 minutes of ammo draining, though the full length of his ammo draining went on for another 5 or more minutes past that.

At 1:50 and 2:50 the player was warned of his violations, and at 4:40 I was able to confirm the tag of the player violating the rule.

Generally, I’d let things like this slip by, but I have noticed this particular player likes to skirt the rules a bit and has some offensive conduct.


Lol of course I forgot the most important part. I am on the road right now, but Ill see if I can post tonight or tomorrow.

Here’s the video link:

The actual ammo draining took place for a bit before and after this video.

If it’s a running gag, it’s a good one :slight_smile:

But just let me know if you got the video link somewhere.

There we go finally lol! For some reason it wasn’t pasting properly.

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