An apology to LBP maybe

Earlier I posted that they were using a hack on there ships. Raven had fought them and as he fought them blocks structure would appear. He made a video to show it and I watched it and came to the conclusion that this had to be a some kind of hack.

So I jumped the gun and called them out. They claim it is some sort of glitch and other factions also chimed in and had seen this type of glitch before and that you can shoot through the structure .

So if this is the case I will apologize as I have fought LBP and I seen no such glitch, so maybe its just another Empyrion glitch which we have all know that happens.

So again apologies and hope to see LBP in battle soon

It’s a graphics glitch. Happens to 5AP as well:

This bug is still here? I’ve had ships merge after lag, that was fun, it’s doesn’t override blocks, it’s not only a graphical bug, you can make a BP with it.

I’ve never tried to make a BP so can’t speak for that - just relogged to make it go away if it’s affecting my ship.

PvP in its current state can be frustrating and I’m sure the way in which your ticket was closed didn’t help defuse the situation.

If you reach out directly to Mordgier, GoNINzo, or myself in the future we would be happy to address whatever concerns you have about our tactics and behavior.

I’ve got a ship with two cores that way :E