An Idea for Reputation

@RexXxuS please excuse the bad edits to your website xD This is just an idea for future HWS growth hope you like the idea. :slight_smile: also people want to clear ocd, instead will be better to put all those massive amounts of resources to good use.

Calling it for now HWS Renown:

The idea would be that you type in a command to transfer materials to construction of your monuments, and for each finished monument you get to keep + 10 RP after full wipe. A type of pve progression that you can build up over a few seasons:

An Example:

Renown 1:
Keep 10RP after full wipe.

Cost of first monument : 10K (10 000) Iron, 7.5K Kobalt, Copper, Silicon, 10k Sathium, 1K ere,zas, 500Mag.

Renown 2:
Keep 20RP after full wipe.

Cost of second monument: 200K Iron, 150K Kobalt, Copper, Silicon, 200k Sathium, 20K ere,zas, 10KMag.

Renown 3: (Donation option for 15€)
Keep 30RP after full wipe.

Cost of second monument: 600K Iron, 450K Kobalt, Copper, Silicon, 600k Sathium, 60K ere,zas, 30KMag.

Renown 4:
Keep 40RP after full wipe + 1 RP cost reduction for special RP skills.

Cost of second monument: 2mil Iron, 1.5mil Kobalt, Copper, Silicon, 2mil Sathium, 200K ere,zas, 100KMag.

Renown 5:
Keep 50RP after full wipe + 2RP cost reduction for special RP skills.

Cost of second monument: 10mil Iron, 7.5mil Kobalt, Copper, Silicon, 10mil Sathium, 100K ere,zas, 500KMag.

Example of command:

Will take 100 thousand iron out of your ocd to put towards the progress of your next monument, anything spent passed the cost will stay for the next upgrade at level 5 everything over will be refunded back to ocd.

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Thanks for the original idea! :slight_smile:
I like the way you presented it, awesome - thanks for that.

Looking at the bigger picture it’s true that resource do not affect RP at all much really.
And since I really liked to play Age of Empires to win by the amount of World Wonders that is a nice connection here :smiley:

It would be also quite a nice way to get rid of some inflation resources people have :wink:

Just need to think about what values are good or even if it can be made dynamically (the more you have the more it cost) etc. etc.
The donation option is interesting too but I tried to implement with RP something you always have to achieve by pure gaming. Especially if the new coming resource packages cost also RP, which is the pay to win killer #1, that way here can be seen as exactly that again.

It’s tricky to see all the connection and find clear good ways but you showed a very cool way. Will think about it and how this can be integrated :slight_smile:

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Seems neat, the only problem I have had with RP is how much it changes from one season to the next. Last season I averaged 5 RP per day (making it more valuable). This season, I think 13 per day? but when you need 500 to reach the next ‘care package’ level wow.

This is a ‘builder game’ and I think this fits in great to that concept.