Another bug I think

It’s just that you can sell Tokens on the marketplace.
Doesn’t that mean that their tag resets which makes them useless?

HWS Connect Marketplace?


hmm have to check :expressionless:

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ouch! was wondering about OCD storage capabilities for the tokens. playing this game for as long as i have has taught me to rely on the things that are most stable for storage. so far the OCD has been a far better tool at making sure items do not mysteriously vanish. recovery from the exceptions is much easier i would imagine.

storing tokens in my OCD would be ideal as i try to leave as little structure footprint as possible. i can see how one would exploit the token storage so i suggest a hard limit to the OCD itself rather than a per slot stack limit. example, if an OCD has a freelancer token in any slot, additional tokens will be rejected.

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Actually right now tokens can’t be put into OCD.

that was the first thing i tried once i got ahold of my freelancer token. was a little disappointed i had to lay down a structure just for storing tokens. i can live with loosing everything in this game because it is all replaceable. the freelancer token can only be received once :frowning:

although on further thought, having an item in game so rare should carry an equal reward for possession. perhaps at season end, one could exchange special one time tokens (specific kill rex type events.) these tokens could be a hot trading item that could rival the already lucrative commodity trading. i retract my earlier request for token OCD & HWS market abilities.

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Tokens in OCD is of course a no go.
But Tokens in the HWS Marketplace… hmm.

Is this our area @Hayawen?
Technical the meta data of a Token (the 4 digit lock code) is stored in the “Durability” data of an item.

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Hmm nope currently marketplace stores by id and doesn’t save the durability… that’s why u can’t sell damaged items…
should probably disable these from marketplace as well…


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