Another compliment to SWP

Last night we hit the SWP compound on Gold planet EU. I must say, it was another well built base and in fact if not one of the most impressive bases yet. I love the way you guys intertwine multiple bases with each other, I mean just damn diabolical.

I also liked how you had these huge empty rooms with just few deadly player turrets, very maze like , it was freakin fun taking on your base.

Oh and the most deadly part was the in the mountain turrets(NOT buried in the terrain) but rather hidden by the terrain glitch, I had to stick the nose of my cap ship in just t o see the guns to take them out very deadly. My CV needs extensive combat steel surgery.

Oh and I really loved that big sweet SV that was in a hanger by itself , soo sweet I didnt even bother to scratch the paint, hope you guys appreciate that.

Sorry you guys glitched during our CV dog fight it was fun until that happened. RemMak I kknow you were pissed but seriously dude we did not wish that on to you.

Again fun fighting, keep creating those challenging bases, love it.

We are never fighting with you. We are never see you in a battle. I never see your guys ships. Just ratting bases.
I would translate your idea as follows:
We won SWP, using buggy and full of holes the game mechanics, were able to kill your base, when you guys were not online.
And, when one of us come online - you guys going away to “regroup”, just because that it was impossible to screenshot your use bugs of game mechanics.

And as far as I remember you - always the same. Rat action when no one is online


Well sorry you don’t remember the SV dogfights but of course you probably do want to forget those as you guys lost your backpacks!!

The biggest exploiting faction on the server accusing us of using exploits.

Yeah the other nite we attacked your base while you were offline, sorry we are in different time zones , we would have hit ya earlier but Raven had issues with CSW . And we hit your base with our cap ships took out your towers and the many freakin turrets ya had. ANd then parked our cap ships right in the middle of your base so that everytime we died we respawned inside our capships. Perfectly allowed on this server. We fought three of your guys with our capships and sorry two of your guys got glitched, damn don’t be mad at us for the game still having issues.

If I had not slept, as people sometimes sleep at night, you would not ever come close to the base. I am alone fought with lots of enemies and protect the experience I have. I think against your two cardboard CV I would have coped. So I do not believe you, that tried to defend the base 3 of our players and could not :slight_smile: As far as you drove me to one player, and when the game entered the second player, you just run away from the battlefield.
Additionally, if the turret worked as it should, you would not have come to the base.


SV ? Lol. Every single day since jun i’m and all our faction fighting 4-5 times. We are kill alot and lose alot every day. Which one fight from that 500-1000 i need to remember?

I Remember Raven only as a digger. And forum poster. Thats all, sry.

Same u did with U-H Base on Jagal and now crying that your base is gone. Pathetic.


What is this? You guys keep saying we ran away? we never left Gold the entire time other than to chase you into orbit a couple of times.

And believe me we are coming back especially when you guys are on so we can shut you guys up again.

At least when we get beat we concede and even congratulate players such as , OP4, The Judge and AI3lder. The only true sportsmen of the game so far