Another day, more HWS Events

Another day, more <@&256100874823139329> !
Added: First Person Shooter Quake Arena Event. Original map rebuild by <@158660323874832385> is back again. Thanks <@354294321299718154> for making this video about it 4 years ago!
Bonus: See how I got rekt in that event :sweat_smile:

Whoever with the most kills after 15 minutes wins. Weapons and Ammo are all over the place in containers. Random spawn points when you die.
Added: First Person Shooter Half Life 2 Arena Event. Another great Arena built by >TargeT<.
Whoever who got 20 kills first within 15 minutes wins. Weapons and Ammo are also provided all over the place.

For both events just let me know please, if the kills you do in those events should be counted towards the Kill Board in HWS Connect or not.
Also check out more details about them here (+ reminders) <#1016773147544010772>

• SV/HV Deathmatches give you double amount of Origin XP now.
• Eton Event gives you 100 Origin XP instead of 10 now
• Reduced Gravity on RIP Game event to have a better jump experience. Also reduced the fee for retry