Another set of AM's being destroyed, using two different exploits

how is rotating doors done? O.o

There is no check of ownership for this operation, so you can rotate anyone’s blocks/devices if they are rotatable. You need rotate tool (forgot the exact name) and just rotate blocks as if you’re placing them.

All my factions AM destroyed on HUNTER planet, all the big hunter factions i know about which leads to me getting even more annoyed that ANYONE who is a hunter can live there, only a noob would be such a loser and not respect, there were upto 8 am devices from other hunters there. (per deposit)

up the tax to 250,000 a day i say, then it will just be my faction for a month :joy:


There are some awesome guys out there, found ourselves a new home that is actually ‘exclusive’ :wink:

oh crap :skull_crossbones:

omg it is possible to move any block with rotating tool… so nothing is safe now! friendly base, enemy base PVP, PVE everything can be moved

Just my 2 cents. I know these guys using the exploits are wrong, and it’s annoying, but we are in alpha and the more these guys exploit now, the better the finished product will be. I would rather see these exploits fixed now as opposed to launch…or never…

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Oh, and I’m not taking sides… I see everyone and everything as a target :grin: