Another ship went 'poof'

A CV disappeared. I alt-tabbed to save the video below and when I came back it was gone. Not on registry, not on HWS-connect. Completely gone… Also note that this game can not handle deep space:


Yup it shakes like crazy (even worse than powered off landed CV’s on a planet) and no it’s not the recording this is how it looks like ingame and sometimes it’s even worse. It also distorts my character.
Or is this intended now to prevent players from going deep space?

I was roughly 300.000m away from the nearest planet. Moving makes the distortion even worse and it distorts each block separately. I wonder how badly a huge CV would lag here if it needs to render all the distorted armor blocks w/o decent culling…
Also the log files show no error nor anything weird at all.
And I also get lighting problems that far away.

The ship had 19 blocks so it’s not a mini-structure. No need for reimbursement but ffs the devs gotta fix this some day… I’m losing so many ships that just go ‘poof’ and sometimes while I look at them or stand on them or whatever, they just go ‘poof’.

I’ve seen similar issues past 40km with new ships just not spawning - we don’t go out any farther.

I’ve gone over 1,000km out to see if there is a limit and it didn’t stop me for putting down a structure there - but the whole thing vibrated so much you’d think it’d come apart.

I put another ship down at ~300.000km and that one is still there (but not visible on map because map not designed for this…). Seems to be all about luck.
The map also starts acting weird at those ranges.

But I also lost ships on the planet/closer to planets. They just vanish and sometimes without a trace anywhere and admins can not recover them.

I mean… If it bugs that hard, perhaps they should just clamp the space-orbit size to some value? Or make it round (probably too hard/time-consuming to implement for them)?

At least it’s not just me for whom it shakes like crazy. I remember in 2.0 that I could go 200.000km out and it was hardly shaking. But this patch…

As you know by yourself, yup, it is not healthy to be out there. Yes we discussed it already and the universe will be tackled in the next updates. For now try to stay away from there. Otherwise… well…

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Oh is that a 5.0 alien? :stuck_out_tongue:

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Them Aliens out there, becareful.

No…that’s really what you start to look like that far out as you shake sooo much.

If you go into first person you shake so much you start seeing your own arms and legs. Structures you build shake so much it looks like you’d be able to walk between the blocks and if you try to stand them you get bounced off due to the shaking.

I know that, that was a player :wink:

But interesting bug. Looks like a rounding problem or something.

I tested it at:
300km: shakes very very badly
65km: shakes pretty badly
40km: shakes moderately
30km: shakes
25km: shakes (wow even on just 25km?)
15km: shakes a tiny tiny bit but you gotta facehug the ship to see it.

So that means that they are always shaky, but at those distances it gets amplified. Too bad I missed the discussion regarding this. At least it will be fixed at some point.

And interestingly I also found another great bug/feature that you all probably know already. If I disable every thruster, the ship stops IMMEDIATELY regardless of ship speed. 115m/s --> 0 instantly. Meaning I can use this to macro near-instant warps now.

I always thought this is a feature, it starts with that anoying message which cannot be turned off. i cant imagine this being a bug. I thought its something which makes you dont go 500k km away as you cant build there well, do anything well, like something to make parking in deep space anoying so ppl will stay closer, at least its like that since i remeber. But well if thats a feature its probably on of most unnecessary features, right after that anoying message.

If this is bug then :smiley:

You can somewhat circumvent the message by going in 3rd person while flying an zooming as far out as possible. This makes use of the ‘bug’ that UI-SFX in this game are 3D sounds instead of 2D and you can at least get rid of “ping” “ping” “ping” “ping” sound.

Nice thread thoug, i just think out such coders joke. Its only for older ppl which knows BASIC

10 REM MAK :joy:

space is large, finding 1000m base in wast nothing less than space is inposible and this should be. its a space game or a call of duty?

Both I guess :stuck_out_tongue: