Anti Cheat against SpT clan on NA and general reminder

Guys, not much talking around. If we catch you cheating again its over. You can be happy we did not enforce it this time direclty.

This especially is meant for:

Your Inventory/OCD was cleared.

The infinite pickup bug was fun maybe. And the new dupe bug too. But it is no fun to abuse exploits for others. It damage the gameplay for all. So if we find you doing it - 1. strike. On 2. strike you are out!

They have a base on venus marked it with some base blocks if you can get there before they take them down, its underwater with multiple cores. They also have a fleet about 40k away from the planet, tons of CV. Main base is on Destiny.

Lol why do you even need to dupe. I can clear a million credits a night mining. Duping just takes the fun out of it when we demolish someone

What you had was duped. We taking res packages and auto miner into account of course.
It wouldn’t be a big drama. If the dupes are fixed by the devs banned people can play again.

But your childish behaviour (what I didn’t expect. Thought you were a nice guy) shown me you stay out for a while till grown up.

Wanna add that I deleted your childish bs and donating don’t give you the right to abuse exploits.