Anti griefing pvp

Can this be removed again it’s causing lots of problems when building bases on pvp.


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When you build on PvP, you take Risks. This is one of those risks…

Risk ? the risk that i can’t built beside a faction member ? dude refrain from commenting next time

Well the only change with 5.1 was that we included PvE now. On PvP there was and will be the anti grief distance.

I think the anti grief is more for people digging under allies bases to collapse them, ofc this can still be done with weapons thou… so i’m not too sure the anti grief really does much beside stop allies from building too close, but meh you can still build decently close to allies where your guns can still help them.

Yeah, currently it is not 100% cool.
But I was told that the terrain will be controlled with that setting too.
So that the terrain is kind of Bedrock in that area which is cool.

Lucifer and Gabriel were my own version of it x)

Anti Grief does not apply to faction mates. Just have them set to faction while you work, if private prevents you from working

Love that idea, no more digging for hours on end.

So thats a no ?