Any experienced players out there wanting to share their Economics?

I have at some point in the last month read about a player bragging about his economy game and him having a spreadsheet on everything. I wonder if such a thing actually exists. In general, are there any essential tips regarding trading?
All I ever see are regular trading stations with overpriced resources.

If there is anyone willing to share their knowledge feel free :smiley:

If you search for Empyrion Trader Spreadsheet, you should come across one that was released in version 1.7. This publicly available spreadsheet has certainly been copied, expanded, and updated by several players for their own personal use and mine included.

Trade Station’s aren’t always overpriced, and particularly the Vendors you unlock via fetch quests can be quite profitable.

The next time you explore this area and consider Vendors, consider writing down the prices of things you see at different locations. Crew, Optronics, Large/Small Optronics, Robotics, Advanced Generators, Mining laser’s, Power Coils, High-Capicitor-Output can all vary widely in price depending on the vendor. What you will notice is at some locations these objects are “produced” and sold and low values - in other trade location’s Vendors buy these objects 20-30% over market value.

Hope this was a good enough explanation without taking away too much of the mystery.

Thank you a lot!

I have been searching for items that are worth trading. I will try it right away!