Any news about the release date of 7.=?

As the topic say… Any news on the release of the 7.0?


Hey guys,

current state - Closed Tester:
already on 7.0 polishing a lot of stuff.

7.0 is probably the biggest release for Empyrion ever.

Official announcement about the current state etc. will be posted this week I think.

current state - HWS:
still working on redesign of the website. Alpha version should be released in few days.
Afterwards implementing HWS Connect 2.0
Android App might be delayed due missing time because the universe is not finished yet.
This is one of the most important things so I am in a rush.

More teasers how HWS 7 will be look like coming soon.

Prepare for a massive change :popcorn:


Thanks for the update Rex :slight_smile:

Please don’t be small universe, or else I swear I will shit on my neighbors lawn.

Just saying : )

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O wow, I was under the impression 7.0 would be small because of only really seing terrain height maps so far from dev’s, sounds epic cant wait for more info :smiley:

Do it anyway??

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It’s tempting and I find him highly annoying. But I don’t make idle threats either! Big universe or the neighbor gets a massive deuce on his doorstep!

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Ooo more spoilerinos being released I see :smiley: finally more freedom for Sv’s, wonder where that leaves Cv’s now.

Honestly its time to try to improve situation with all that offline raiding. OP wont solve it im affraid thats old story. Nobody can be online 24h per day. And in morning and afternoon ppl are at work.

You can make most beutifull whatever and Connect 3.0 but if this issue wont be adressed im affraid nobody will PvP. You can hardly solve that CV mess, but maybe some PvP/PvE rotation, not starting at 9 in morning is nice idea.

Maybe something like planet for working ppl who will come back from work, gather on planet and prepare to fight and then it will switch to PvP. Now its more like you go to bed and in morning its gone, also battle is not win by fighting but because of “sorry guys but im gonna leave you, i have work in morning”. So it should turn to PvE again at time when ppl go to bed as they have to wake up.

Consider that, I dont really belive that one way highway around universe will increasse our fun, i would reather see stuff above.

Do not worry i’m sure 7.0 will solve this.

warp for sv… more building options =)

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how would HWS know when each person has to go to work or bed? It’s not like it’s just gonna “it’s Elfias’s bedtime, server restart to switch to PvE so he can get his beauty rest!”. There is no reasonable time, if that were so then I could get on late Wednesday and see all the gold deposits haven’t been mines out already and move my ships so I don’t get taxed, etc… OP is your best hope at this point.

Or just stay in PvE.

Well that’s why EU and NA are seperated naturally becuase of different prime times +1-1.5 hours in each direction can be added safely to prime time to accomodate for russians being awake earlier and asleep sooner and so on.

From 5pm to 12pm(11pm if it might end up too late for russians 1-2am) 5(4) hour window for pvp most EU or NA will be able to be online for those hours if they only log on at 6pm then its fine becuase 1 hour isnt enough to offline raid a base you could log on in time to save it (Not actually sure when server restarts are can’t remember but I know pve/pvp rotation can only happen on server restart until devs add a new feature for it), if you only log on at 7pm or 8pm then it helps being in a bigger faction with people that have different times themselves so that at least 1 faction member is online to slow down the raid.

If someone does night shift they can always CSW to the other server to pvp there, this was called Armageddon back in the day and it was very successful there was a lot of people building bases and fighting, and I don’t remember a single complaint about the timing, the only problems Armageddon had was that it had gold during pve times.

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That would be up to Rexx though whether he wants to deal with 3 different times across 3 different servers again; there was always confusion when the times one would restart, the other would still be online and someone would CSW to nowhere because of the restart/backup. Instead all 3 servers are running the same time (server time) so that the tasks are all synchronized, less confusion, and not having to have an admin online for 9+ restarts between the 3 a day in case it doesn’t come back up.

Armageddon was a fun time, except for the massive lag during the PvP times.

A damn I did not realize server restarts worked like that, that puts a spanner in the works.

Not again…

we in Europe work pretty much at same time in day, not sure about America, quite glad i never was there and hope ill never get there if theres more of your kind…

You always read something else than ppl write thats interesting. Its not about single person what i said is it?

Ok guys - I am in a rush - I know you are waiting - big news coming…
Discussions about an obsolete problem soon makes me choppy.

Please stay tuned but some problems of you will be gone soon… 7 is coming soon…


If that’s an actual POI then it looks badass.

But the shield over it looks like…

Wait for it…

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That’s Atlantis if i’m not mistaken from star gate, but the spoilers are looking awsum guess this discussion is over.

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Yes looks like Atlantis to me. Very nice too. Can it turn into a CV though? :slight_smile: