Anyone else getting DC error on log in to HWS server?

I and at least one other that I know of have been getting the DC error when attempting to join the server. Generally I have to close down the Empyrion Application and restart to get on the server.

Anyone else having a similar experience? please shout out if you are.

Hmm… I’ve unloaded your planet for now

You think it is Kratos related? I was on the planet when you uinloaded it :slight_smile:

Same error just experienced with Kratos unloaded:

(off to work now - will check in again later!)

oh… hmm… do you have an in-stable internet connection, proxy or other VPN magic?

Kratos has been running well this season so far - i’ve experienced none of the blocky, rendering issues.

I will attempt a log-in as I am also on planet.

edit: Login to Kratos ok.

Yes good internet, standard set up. Fibre to home connection with 350meg download speed. Ethernet cable directly into modem from pc.

@aeonbug has also seen same issue. Sometimes takes 3 attempts to login.

It is a pain but not unmanageable, which is why I started asking if others are seeing this issue, rather that raising as a support ticket. If common then it is worth escalating, otherwise I (and Aeon) can work around it.

i am having the same issue, it is unmanageable, i disconnect every 30 secs of so

Everyone who has still the problem; please send me your client logs zipped via pm.

Only login problems I have are after restarts. Hangs on conncting to server - I have to cancel and its usually the 3rd attempt when I get in. Not a big issue except when in the middle of a battle.