Anyone else here miss Lawless Cryo? can we get a pvp planet that resets and deletes everyone's stuff every day

I am heading back to lawless cryo I want to have that feeling of starting again in PVP environment I am not expecting loads of players to be there even I just wanna feel the danger every now and again u would get this rando guy coming at you with an SV or u would bump into a player on foot and have to decide if its worth tryin to run or fight…

it would be great if there was a PVP planet that reset everything on the planet every day but had the potential for allot of good loot on the surface players would teleport their using a HWS portal and be able to teleport back if they place a beacon that alerts other players you are attempting to leave and counts down 10 minutes and then teleports you back this puts you in a situation where you have to defend yourself from potentially allot of players who know you have allot of items you are trying to leave the planet with… the idea of having to escape the planet is awesome and I only felt that on Lawless Cryo

perhaps a more streamlined and proven idea that I know will be intense is a hunger games like planet players sign up and are teleported from where ever they are in the galaxy not allowed to bring any items in with them last man standing takes all and only 1 life no teaming allowed and alien attacks that are a serious danger… now that is a PVP experience you can enjoy without the risk of losing everything you have worked on or built but still get a good taste of PVP

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Hunger games would be hard, with the minimap though :confused: Unless the arena was big.

Hey Kye

I think it’s a pretty good idea! But i must agree that with the minimap on foot pvp is broken. but i would still love to see some more thinking on that aspect of the game from developers.