Anyway to check DB/data integrity using Slave/Master?

Hi Team,

Would like to know if there are any way I can check the DB / data integrity using Slave/ Master FULL edition? I have no access to server console. If there is a way I can edit some textfile and it start (after restart) checking it would be perfect. Thanks.

Hey, at the moment there is no way.
But you could stop EAH on the master and download the Config folder into a fresh EAH on your PC. Then you can run cleaning jobs on the dbs over EAH.
But there is no integrity check for the db.

Thanks I hope there will be a solution to check DB in future. I am nearly blind to a remotely hosting game for DB health or EAH integrity. I am having recently some issue with EAH due to not-sync version on server (1.57.0 vs 1.57.3 on client) … some playfield seems not sync correctly, not sure will have any damage to my game save.

Not syncing is correct if you dont have the same version on master and slave. Didnt we just talk about that?

There is no need for integrity check for EAH db so far.

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