API trouble: Chatbot / OCD / duplicate names / rp loss

Sadly the API did not just bring good things.
The last days a lot of frustrating problems occured too… all leading to the same source, which is even more frustrating… since I can not find it that easily :frowning:

Its the reason why RP was lost (which I could prevent for now), why you cant access OCD, why you get the message “your name is already existing, please change your name” (which is not really true) making them not able to use the chatbot.
And also the reason why some have a strange bank balance…

All in all… its frustrating, but I will take a closer look tomorrow to hopefully find it.
I even thought about turning off the API for now since this problem is causing a lot of trouble for all.

Will see. Sorry for all the inconvenience… once we get this straight I think we will enjoy the API a lot, because a lot is possible now.


thank you!

I don’t have any problem when playing exept couple PR lose at the start of new API. Again relog - sad.

Should be working again for all. If htat happens again: so if you get the message ‘Someone else has your name’ please let me know. I hope i fixed the source, but we have to see.

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Just checked again, I have logged over 20 horus in the last three days or so, and my rp has been the same the whole time.
Any chance it is bugged? or am I just not allowed to have more :slight_smile:

Did you fullfill the requirements for Reputations?

We think we got most of the problems. A few seem to be still remaining, but we are getting close :wink:

Ather this night some item from OCD lost. T3 autominer (25) now only 6. And onther items with low quantity like and t2 drill (5) now 3. After server backup at 03:00 (UTC - 0) i ahve 833 BC in am. I write command to take it. But i take only 400 and other not given to inventory. Now BC in AM is empty. Some command bugs. And for these few days i lost some of emergency rationes. I have 60 now 35 ?