Appeal to the lawless, Wanna get filty rich >?

Hello, dear lawless scums
i have recently try my hardest to join a faction of lawless, sending messages online (EU server) most of the time ignored, once i have been told i have to prove my-self … well f**k that. lawless is about being and scumbag, thief, pirate, what ever name you wanna call it, i aint got shit to prove to to no one, so i descided to make my own faction, anyone can join regardeless of any social statue or fame, my moto is get filthy rich or die trying, i don’t care if u best pvp EU or worst make yourself rich and the faction rich thats all we care about, not some fancy nancy title that the emperial love so much … so come and help me make chaos and anachy and get filthy rich while doing it. JOIN TACHYON’S SCUM DO IT

this post is no longer valid :frowning:

Did you get a faction :stuck_out_tongue: