Are Garage submissions still out?


Are you accepting garage ship submissions this season? If not when do you think you will do this again? will you hold any other contests? There are alot of really great ships that used to be in the garage before the CPU patch. Would be nice to see some of them returned.

still a work in progress. garage has changed drastically from the last few updates. a rework is being thought of and will be announced once ready. no time frame as of yet though :frowning:

so what exactly is the “work in progress?” why fix what exists and works great? All that needs to be fixed is the garage ships need to be updated and repopulated.

WIP is the changing of device limits and such. rex is still looking into possibilities of what can and can’t be done with the new updates as well as drawbacks. stay tuned to announcements. he will let us know what is decided and when.

Welcome back @onykage
maybe I repeat myself but the thing is:

Ju is / was the Garage Master. She accepted, reviewed the Garage ships and made all those awesome, underrated efforts with the screenshots, calculations and what not ( HWS Garage Ships - #136 by Ju )

However, with CPU, Advanced Core, Exposed Thrusters and what not, the Garage slipped into a legacy state more and more.
Especially because I want from Ju to concentrate on awesome and much more POIs for HWS.

I also don’t like all those submit limits anymore, partly outdated here and there and the whole topic around balancing in general.

There were ideas about Advanced Cores for Garage ships and some more varieties like Stargates again.

Overall it’s “hanging” right now for the time where I can focus on reworking the Garage.
Right now more important topics for me are on the table like Events, Commodity Trading and fixing stuff.

I know how important the HWS Garage is and what big role it plays in certain areas and I would love to have it all cool. It’s just bit demotivating if new features forces us to rework it so often. Especially when hands down hundreds of hours for those submissions are “behind the scene” stuff. From business point of view critical.

Patience is all I can offer.