Are the jungle type planets blocked to enter to explore or visit?

The issue is that I visit the Liothile system (KV2) and I try to enter the Jungle type planet (Kalaaide), but it expels me every time I try to enter, but if I can enter the other planets of that same system, my question is, is this a server error or are jungle planets blocked??? By the way, I’m on the HWS RE NA server, thanks.

Welcome to HWS,
the Tropical Planets had a broken config while we released the new RE season on 25th June.
A fix was supplied few weeks after.
That means I would need the name of each and every Tropical planet that is currently corrupt, so I can try to fix it.
In your case I tried to fix Kalaaide for the next server restart now. (in 4 hours)

Could you please reset the planet “BIBI 27550 I” in the system Kugoa?


Hello, it really shouldn’t be important, there are many other planets out there, only that is precisely where I chose to place my Space base and it is the only one that has wood in quantity, so I appreciate the effort and your time to fix the problem. … :ok_hand: :ok_hand: :ok_hand:

Hello currently cannot access our home system neru gamma planet eide on RE EU. rubber banding out when tried with a friend also with same issue. have lived here since restart and had no issues not sure why now all of the sudden. relogged and verify not successful. Everything we own is on planet so hopefully it can be resolved.

@kane1 please make your own ticket :slightly_smiling_face:
It’s easier to keep track of.