Are you serious?

I’ve just discovered that your changing the way people can access their OCD, which doesn’t seem to be active yet.

Is this set in stone? I would like to know as soon as you can please @RexXxuS - no longer interested in playing if it is heading this way.

Just a simple yes / no would suffice - I don’t care for the spiel on over heads or anything, to justify what’s looking like pay to win aspects.

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Just an FYI.

I have literally just discovered all the legacy stuff you put into the server, which is outstanding and really did want to resub to patreon. Only was it after talking to other players about these things i’ve discovered, such as TEAMS, that I started to discover all of these changes that are intended for HWS + which massively affects the way people will play.

If anything, the approach on this should have been up to OCD Level X (Let’s say OCD level 7 :rofl:) will be unlockable and can be accessed anywhere by all players.
To access OCD level X+1 you need to be patreon Level X to get this as long as you remain at that level. - no other cost.
To access OCD level X+2 you need to be Patreon Level X+1 to get this as long as you remain at that level - no other cost.

This would be a much better approach and gives normal players that chance to use your features without being penalised. Much more of a fair approach imo

This goes the same for all other HWS features. OAM / Recycle etc.

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This is already active on HWS RE, which everyone accepted and understood.
Thus I plan to activate it on HWS+, once more work-in-progress stuff is resolved, yes.

Unfortunately I don’t fully understand it. I mean there are technically 7 Patron Levels available (Pro, Survivor, Veteran, Elite, Master, Meta, Astral) but 10 OCD Levels. I don’t see a good math formula yet to map it.
It also sounds a bit too powerful for Patrons (p2w), no? At least if you speak of the old OCD global get mechanic to ocd:get even in PvP playfields.

Not diving into this again, since nowadays, everything can be seen as p2w but I repeat: for me p2w means content that is only accessible via real money, period.
Which is not the case here. Joining the Fighter Origin is free. Using OCD Zones spread in the universe is free. Paying for HWS Master package with HWS Ingots is free - well, all of that is paid by player time of course. Such as I need to get paid implementing all of that.

Anyways, before some bring this argument up: no, it’s not inspired by RE. In fact many HWS (PvP) veterans complained about the OCD being used in a way, where it just takes the fun away in the long run.
All the nostalgic good memories from HWS veterans were from a time, where inflation in OCDs were not a thing.
I will try to come up with ways that still gives joy to old habbits maybe.
A special Elemental Garage ship with an OCD Zone that is following the ship for example.
Just nothing passive overpowered anymore that will cause such shitstorm once you touch it in a balancing way.

Look at real life. The last 10 years were party hard. Tech stocks, bitcoin and what not all celebrated no interest rates and non stop printing money from FED/EZB. But who could have thought that this will end in inflation. /s
I feel similar and it hurts of course, veterans like you and me seeing angry players but I think with all lessons learned, new tools we have and a bit of adaption, glory times can come.
At least I will go for it until the very end.

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I played RE and seen these changes, didn’t like it so went back to HWS +. It’s probably accepted on RE for all your regular player who are already patreons. You really are blocking new players. I joined the HWS community for HWS EU not RE. Why do other people have to suffer because you decided to enlist another server to run RE. RE is taking a huge amount of players and should be locked behind patreon subscription alone.

Not at all. Having a level that is balanced for the players who aren’t patreon to have global access but are capped at an OCD level. To get higher level OCD which = bigger stacks and more slots should be Patreon unlocked. You don’t see a good math formula because your thinking of the current setup. You know you can modify the current OCD levels / introduce more levels

But you are still going to charge credits for using the command when not in zones

Well hate to say it to you, you’re wrong!
" an aspect of a game where players are allowed to get a big advantage with real-world currency"
You definately need to educate yourself on that one, so you stop making poor decisions.

What I proposed about the OCD for example - having a nice level with just the right balance for all players to work towards, and then bigger stacks and slots for Patreons but not huge gains. It just takes balance.
Patreon level 1 = 2 extra slots, 2% increase on stack size
Patreon level 2 = 4 extra slots, 4% increase on stack size
If a player stops patreon, then you either move them within a time period (X number of days countdown) otherwise the items get deleted and the stack sizes if over non patreon size get skimmed back to default.
That’s not the definition of pay to win nor too powerful for patreons, not a hard math formula, but certainly a welcome benefit.

Looks a lot sooner than what you think - numbers have massively dropped, some probably don’t voice what is bothering them and will just stop playing. You are designing the game for full time players. You are putting your attention on other things and taking on a lot more work than you can handle.
In turn coming up with poor decisions and then botching features because of the negative feedback… stack size for example. I mean come on a skill point every 3 days in a season… introducing a donation skill point method to increase globally on a dead server, because you also decided to do an RE server.
How about completing a mission to get a skill point? Bring back all the HWS portal missions back to life by rewarding a skill point as well as usual rewards.

It’s certainly becoming a shit show, no longer viable or fun to carry on playing on HWS, some aspects becoming a chore rather than fun and is definately deterring new players from joining and staying. I never normally post on game forums but this server was really hopeful, enjoyed playing at my own leisure, starting to get to know other players.

RexXxus, sorry but this really does suck. Think you need someone to quality control your decision making recently

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