Arkandal can't connect to NA

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What happened?
=> Arkandal tried to go to NA from EU, actually his CV named : “SCo. - Combat PvP” travelled successfully but he can’t connect to the server. He choose Freelancer, the loading page come but never stop ! I dont know what to do, I tell him TO NOT reconnect in EU. In HWS connect webpage his character is in NA with his RP.

Player(s) with issue? (steam name)
=> Arkandal

Server? (EU or NA)
=> Both :wink:

When did it happen? (Use server time: type ingame cb:time)
=> 16h30 today

On which Playfield?
=> cross server warp playfield EU to NA

Structure Name(s)?
=> his caracter, the CV is already in NA “cross server warp”

Structure ID(s) (Open ingame console and type di)?

How can we help you now?
=> May be put him in his CV in NA, or put both back in EU

Tell him to do the opposite of this :wink:
Have him restart his game and reconnect to EU. If that doesn’t work then please say so here.

I can connect to the EU server again, but my CV, equipment and RP remained on NA (server on which I don’t know how to create a character)Is it possible to return the CV, the equipment and the 740 RP that they, were transferred to the NA server?

Name: Arkandal
ID: 265335
Server : EU

Ahh, then I understand.
You need to go to the sector called Cross Server Warp, and then write csw:start:EU in the chat. That will transfer the ship you’re in, and your inventory to the EU server. And yes, you can also return to NA like this.

Mmm It’s not working…

Let me explain this clearly :

The boss of our faction is “Arkandal” an EU player.

He can connect in EU but :

  • He tried to go to NA but can’t connect to it, either by restarting and connecting to NA nor by the command in cross server warp. (stuck in loading after choosing origin.)

  • His private CV “SCo. - Combat PvP” is in NA. this vessel successfully warped in NA and has got all his stuff inside, lot of ressource and his halloween heavy armor.

  • He’s got a character in EU (with his money) (which he can play with) but he lost all his RP, they are now attached to the character in NA (740 RP)

So if it’s impossible for him, i dont know the reason because everybody in our faction can, can you bring him back

  • his vessel
  • the stuff inside with the halloween armor
  • The RP (740)

I thank you a lot for what you can do because, you understand, having a boss faction, naked, without ship, without stuff, without RP, is a shame… :wink:

hm strange. I do not even see you on NA, so I guess you were not able to logg in at all. Maybe delete your cache and try again


I restored his ship close to him and set his credits (to bank 2.5 mil) and his RP back and activated chatbot again.
Sorry for the long wait, was busy today.

I will now delete all stuff on NA, that was transfered.

Before he tries next time, let him login NA before he even starts CSW, to check if it is working.

TY a lot !!! Ok we will try this first as you said !!! No need to apologize you are very responsive on this server, it’s great !

Hello Jascha,
thank you, I got my stuff back on the EU server.
I wish you a great end of the year and especially a very good year 2021 ;^)

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