Cross Server Warp (CSW)

Since we have two PvPvE servers (HWS EU and NA) and HWS RE EU and HWS RE NA we have implemented a way for you to play on both servers each!

You can warp from the HWS EU server to the HWS NA server (or vice versa) with your ships and player easily. (or HWS RE EU <> HWS RE NA)

Note: You CAN’T CSW from HWS EU to HWS RE EU or HWS RE NA.

How does it work?

  1. Fly to the “Cross Server Warp” sector (it’s in Homeworld PvE System, the center of the Universe)
  2. Type the command CSW:Start:NA (if you are on HWS EU or HWS RE EU) to begin the CSW.
  3. Log in to the other server directly after the warp. The process may take up to 1-2 minute(s) to complete - please be patient and do NOT log out!

Visit or check your PDA > Guide > HWS Commands or type csw:? for all available commands


  • If you have a bad ping (higher than 300) to the other server you need to wait a very long time till it is in your lobby list visible
  • to speed up the process eventually type in chat after you logged in cb:startjobs
  • Keep in mind that if you and your faction mate are close to each other and one of you is starting CSW, it will also warps you with him!
  • Make sure to not choose a starter planet without an armor
  • Do NOT spam the csw:start: command! Horrible things will happen, like you getting banned or put in Prison for a whole season.
  • CSW gives the entity a new ID. Supporter zones are mapped to the ID. You will lose the supporter zone when you CSW with a ship that has a supporter zone.

What will be transferred?

  • Your player inventory
  • Your ship(s) including cargo, Fuel, and O2.
  • Your HWS DNA
  • Your player credits/balance

What will NOT be transferred

  • Your Elemental Bank credits
  • Your Armor (you keep the armor on the server you are playing)
  • Your Boosters in Armor (you keep the boosters on the server you are playing)
  • HWS Ingots
  • Your Unlock Points for the Techtree
  • Your XP (Level)
  • Supporter zones like OCD, EB, Recycle or Market zone. They will be deleted from the ship.


Is the jump to the other server free?

Yes/No! If you picked the Explorer Origin, it’s free. It’s also free, if you are a HWS Patron Elite or above. For the rest the fee is:

  • Non-Patron + all Origins except Explorer: 500k credits and 5 HWS DNA
  • Patron Pro: 400k & 4 HWS DNA
  • Patron Survivor: 300k & 3 HWS DNA
  • Patron: Veterain: 200k & 2 HWS DNA
  • Patron: Elite: 100k & 1 HWS DNA
  • Patron Master^ & Explorer Origin: Free
  • A shipless CSW is free for everyone (Passenger excluded)

Can I do CSW any time?

No. Do not CSW 30 minutes before or after a server restart. If one of the two servers are offline, your CSW will fail.

How long do I have to wait after CSW:Start:XX?

You should directly login to the other server – do not wait. The process is quick, however, some items may not arrive all at once. Please be patient.

Something went wrong, what now?

Create a ticket by clicking on that link. Make especially sure to mention your server time (type cb:time in ingame chat):

Only One Character Lives!

Keep in mind: make sure you know with what MAIN CHARACTER you want to play with permanently. If you have independently played on both the NA and on EU, you will need to decide which ID you want to keep. Because if you warp from EU to NA, for example, the inventory and stats from NA will be overwritten from the EU warp.

Can I park my structures in the Cross Server Warp orbit (CSW)?

Keep in mind that the CSW orbit is being taxed! We do not recommend to park there.