Armageddon EU PKA and FDM vs FST

I would just like to say what an amazing team we have at PKA and FDM. Last night we attacked about 30+ FST ships in deep space Armageddon.

We only had about 10 CV’s but managed to destroy/salvage the FST shipyard. Almost 10hrs hard slogging with 50% of the time being disconnected from the server.

I wish to apologise to first HWS admin for crashing Armageddon many times. Also to anyone else who was in Armageddon. Hopefully by removing these large amount of ships lag will get better in this system. On that note to everyone who said PKA was lagging this system. Read above it was not just us. We never had 30+ CV’s in deep space ever.

A big massive clap to those members who stayed up till 8am this morning cleaning up.

Lets hope this is the end of the war between PKA & FST.

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Wow, 10 hours with heavy lag and with being disconnected 50% of the time? That sounds like a lot of fun! Seriously why would anyone do that to him/her self? :joy:

Aaaaaand the award for major masochism goes tooooooooooo: LagKeepers and FDM(?), whoever that is!


Your careing neighbourhood pirate

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I know its crazy but that’s what happened. I left just before 2am having to get up at 5am. Shocked to see others will still on and doing it for PKA. Amazing and thanks to FST they tried to fight back and they was one moment where they were in front for 15 20 mins. But we kept on and on.

I have to say this was the biggest battle I have been in. I care not to have to do it again. Mid battle being disconnected and waiting 20 mins to get back in wondering if your ship has been cored lol.

Lets hope this is the end of the war between PKA & FST.

No it will never ends. You just destroyed one of our bases, we are far to be homeless and I bet you know it. We were waiting to you to see if you were going to attack us or not to start moving against you. You pretended you would not, which was an obvious lie, we didn’t wanted to be the guys who pulled the trigger, now you did it then things will start, now we are at war. :slight_smile:

Let’s now talk about your amazing team with a bit of realism, you could have been amazing if you were in our prime time and if we were able to connect and have a real combat. But here the server and client lag and crash spoiled all the fun.

Captain’s log: 28 February
Our base as been spoted by [SPM] patma which is a one man pirate faction, we perfectly understood this would lead to a fight with PKA since it’s a PKA alt or the info will be relayed to PKA. In all case PKA don’t play the game as Guardian as we already said since hey a pirate spoted our base and PKA work with them. But hey we don’t judge, just stop denying is just why we blame you. We aren’t playing trader and we are fair enough to assume it. Do the same, you don’t play Guardians, just have the honor to admit it and all will be good from our point of view.

We made the decision to stay because of the wipe coming in and see what would happen. We however removed all the important resources out from this base to another one. That done, we armed all CVs and waited.

Captain’s log: 3 March ~0:00am
PKA came as expexted on our base around 0:00am, not FST prime time at all and only few of us still are online on mumble. We immediately ask for everyone to login, we know we have the advantage and will push them out even if we are outnumbered 10 vs 12.

Unfortunately the server and client crash won’t give us the chance to get in and after 1h only 4 success to connect. Then we made the decision to counter attack heavily outnumbered 4 vs 12 with an heavy server lag. First 10 minutes and 2 of us got disconnected and never had the chance to come back. Then we all got disconnected PKA included, FST side we tried to relog and only 1 FST succeed when 4 PKA were successfully active. 20 more minutes and we finaly had the chance to be 3~4 vs 4~6 (they also had disconnection so number was changing) and managed to defeat PKA that moved out the field and the system.

First win is for FST, PKA leaved the field.

Captain’s log: 3 March ~2:30am
Since people needed to go bed, we made the decision to remove the last resources out of the base, we knew PKA will come again and considering the time we couldn’t handle this next move, we were all very tired considering the time in France, so a base without defenders is easy to get out.

Captain’s log: 3 March ~3:00am
4 FST online, we jumped out with the remaining resources of this base, then PKA came back as expected and fought against and empty base with 1 defender, we disconnected and go bed. We knew the base will blow up during the night.

Next round is for PKA by destroying this base.

Overall, I was expecting better from the game, it could have been fun if there were no so much problem with game and lag server. It’s seems the game is not fitted to have real multiplayer combat experience at the moment, I hope this will change in the future then fun will be here.

Lmao guys, we were fucking 5.

Not a single FST member ever knew a single touch of lag even closely to our base, your argument is invalid.

Hahaha welcome to empyrion:)

Cant decide whats more fun:
How you try to get a good game out of the current alpha
How hard you try to sell your defeat as … not such a bad defeat :joy:

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So, PKA finally declare war, good :slight_smile: I couldnt wait much longer, ty guys

I just don’t consider that killing people while they’re asleep could be considered as a real victory.

Just remember, PKA has lost the first assault at 12 against 4, and then fighted against an empty base. Wuhu.

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I could re-act to @Silmerias view but I wont. Bottom line is they lost about 40 cv’s I am being told now. 24 are being salvage. 3 bases although I think 2 were really small. No matter how that is said that is HELL of a lot of resources. In the end I think we only really lost 5 or 6 cvs.

But yes it could have been so much more fun without the lag and disconnections.

Seems we have worthy enemy moving into 6.

PS France is only 1 hour ahead of us. We attacked within 30 mins of finding out the location. We did not expect it to last so long.

My mistake we only had 8 CV’s from the start not 12 as mentioned above. 3 more joined as some of us left. in the final battle they was only 5 of us on.

And what about patma ?

Where are the Screenshots?
Pics or it didn’t happen! :joy:

3 of us were recording but with the disconnections my recording crashed and video file wont play. I don’t know about the others yet. I will try and add some screen shots later.

Much appreciated!
Edit: please just pics, videos of battles are too painful to watch, they break the illusion that empyrion is an actual playable game at the moment:)

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OMG how bad FST. Why did you have 30+crappy Ships in Armageddon Orbit?
You make the Orbit laggy and PKA the planet… nice factions!

But I really must say thx to PKA. They killed the trash in the Orbit :ok_hand:

Doead that mean that PKA has won the war?

Or do we now make forum PVP?


no forum PVP this time from me. Yes that is a lot of ships. We at PKA could not understand why orbit was a bit laggy as we ever had more than 8 cv’s in orbit. Now we know why. But they gone now.

sorry we are just exposing the facts, we have nothing to prove here since we already did in a lot of way more difficult games, then if you still want to brag about your half victory, you are free to do so if your e-penis need it :slight_smile:

Ok let me help you out:

  1. We had maximum of 8 ships.
  2. You had over 5 ships attacking us during our offensive
  3. The first engagement ended due to over 6 ships lagging out and getting shot to pieces by your lagfest base.
    -> We came back after heavy refit and restock.
  4. I have video of everything, and will be editing it all together today.
  5. We were suffering HEAVY disconnects and extreme lag. Even the playfield crashed several times.

Thank you for using Rannekk Facts.

  • Stay posted for the video.

PS: Thanks for the combat steel.

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Prooven yourselves in difficult games and failing here? Why does that feel wrong in some way? Ah, alternative fact, right? :slight_smile:

Your investigative neighbourhood pirate


A couple of points that seem to be missing and may be of interest:

Two days ago an FST CV engaged in hostile activity with the PKA Armageddon base, killing one of our members on the ground twice. We considered this an act of war.

After the first assault PKA had lost two ships, both due to disconnects, FST had lost >10 (difficult to tell since they despawned so quickly). All PKA CVs were recovered during the second assault, along with >20 FST wrecks.

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