Armors in OCD

I think its ok that we cant put armors in OCD because it reset durability on it. But it would be fair to allaw to place them in at least one day before wipe so we can save them. We had a hard time geting them.
What does a Comunity think about that?


Da Comrade

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We gonna have this hard time, one more … Its fun, didnt u think so?

What did you try to translate?

um can’t ocd 6 take them already?

No they moved that option because it reset durability on it.

I liked removing durability though… It meant my armor didn’t break after 5 deaths

so… still cant put armor in OCD? even medium armor?


oh, time flies by fast… no, until @Jascha can store Durability in the OCD we don’t want any exploit mechanics for Armors and give players a reason to farm / trade Armors each season from fresh.

well, u can allow put command only for new armor like it did for “creating offer” in market place. i mean if armor was used(not new) OCD didnt take it to slot.

Make OCD 8 where self repairing is feature :smiley:

if that was considered as something to implement on purpose then id say it would just be in ocd7, you spend 700m, here repair your armor.

Since the Heavy Armor is not so hard to find (We have 10 pcs. per Person), it’s better without the feature of storing it at the OCD… There are already too much Veterans have an OCD worth Billions of Credits, they don’t need to farm and camp new players which have to farm in PVP Space…

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This is actually very smart idea if @RexXxuS would want armors stored in OCD.

Personally I prefer that they can’t be stored to OCD. It gives more value to PvE mission runs where those armors are looted. If they were accessible from OCD at season starts the value would gradually grow lower and lower, reducing the profits from missions.

I constantly see some missions that award Heavy armors & AM cores open for whole day without anyone even trying to loot them. Rexxxus added amazing PvE missions to game with good loot. I’d hate to see them going to waste even more than they currently do.

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I think that no one believes about buying medium armor on the market. only heavy armor is of interest, if it’s a matter of getting it at the start, then welcome to lawless PVP. I for storage in OCD light and medium armor. but rare weapons can be stored in OCD it seems to get harder than heavy armor.