Artillery homing speed nerfed (cant hit moving target)

I actually liked the fact that my Artillery turret would hit something besides the wall of someone’s Fort. Honestly I kind feel like HV Plasma does nearly no damage and the miss rate in insanely high making it a trash turret like the HV mini gun or HV fixed minigun. Even the money maker on the HV (the homing rockets) miss in PVP a lot, the better the pilot the more they miss. Against a good pilot the plasma will never hit, the minigun’s do no damage, the ‘gattling guns’ are trash. So nerfing the main weapon of an HV… I don’t like this. The fact that it was made with some homming made it to where I had a small stick to use against an SV trying to kite me.

Onto the subject matter of BA’s vs HV’s. Since you cannot target (manually) with any weapons aside from getting in the turret (removing the ability to move) HV’s are just terrible against bases. The turrets sometimes shoot at worthless targets (like buried Sentry guns and generators) to the point where even 3 HV’s are going to die against one well placed base. HV’s are more ‘ground support’ for SV’s rather than SV’s being ‘Air support’ for HV’s.

What would be awesome is being able to drive the HV and aim/fire some kind of weapon that did something (not the fixed gatlings) against Air. I know SV’s are getting turrets soon and this is going to heavily tip the balance towards SV’s. To the point that they are just for mining, most of my faction doesn’t use HV’s as is (since sv’s have mobility and better manual fire).

I guess over all I am just failing to see the logic in nerfing HV’s when they are not that great to start with.
Anyway, thanks for reading.


I agree. I understand that HVs need to be ‘base’ busters, but their range isn’t close to being long enough to be.

HVs also do not do enough damage as it is, if their main damage dealer won’t be able to hit as often they are just getting nerfed.

SVs on the other hand can macro rapid fire for high DPS.


Even as they are, it takes forever to take down a sv or another hv. This isn’t just a damage nerf, but essentially taking another weapon out of the fight.