Ask here before Support

Howdy Folks.

Ok I have seen sooooo many Get Support posts in last few days, it must be driving the @RexXxuS or @Achilles and @Jascha crazy. Some of these posts could easy be answered in the following places:

Check the Guide -

In game chat - Just ask someone will always reply.

Discord chat - again someone will always answer.

Post in here and hopefully someone will answer.

The more support tickets created the less time the above have to work on the server. I don’t know everything and in fact only been here a few months but I will try and answer if I know.


Recently I can just say on the one hand thanks to the community answering by yourself in someone else Get Support post helpful things but on the other hand people still need to learn some basics before calling us directly.

So don’t stop spreading this, the guide, the tutorial videos, HWS PDA, etc. :slight_smile:

Especially now - since the testing phase for 6.0 has began we are mostly on the 6.0 branch and if we need to help people ingame now we need to waste a lot of time downgrade to 5.X again only to login and say someone hi…
6.0 will be awesome, so every time we can focus on it will be more awesome for all of you - honestly!


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