Assistance needed (stuck)

admin hello im STUCK on my ship cant move aniwher
i trai all what i can bot its bring me back to my ship

Since you don’t follow Rule 3.3 I can’t help you.

ok i sea i fix it plz help me tnx

rexxxus plz help me

be have raided on bagd

Can you please create an own topic for your help request since this is a bug report topic? We help you then, sure.

Moved this to a separate thread, as it’s not an actual bug. Please try and use correct English in this thread please.

As Rexx mentiuoned. Please give details. Only: Need help does not hlep us to help you :wink:

But with your problem: If I take a good guess it should be gone already.

I do hope this is the right place to ask for help. I am currently stuck in my capital ship. Clipped into the wall. Ive tried logging out, and killing self. Neither worked. I was told in the chat that it may be something called the core glitch. I am currently in Peacekeeper 5 system. CV is named “Cap of Plu”. If you need more info please let me know! Please and thanks! Oh also I am on the NA server. Coming from HWS Story. I had just been in combat. Warped out of the system to escape with my loot.

You should be free again

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