Asteroid BA: Dev sugestions and ideas

I dont know if this is the correct section to post as it is my first one, feel free to move it acordingly.

After trying to build a base inside an asteroid (yes after digging a hole in it) i noticed that after some time and as expected, the resources regenerate inside the hole ignoring any base structure that is inside. The structures will remind there under the rocks untill you digg a hole again to reach it.
My suggestion is to make some sort of item you could place in your base that will prevent the resource “rock” to grow back again allowing nerds like me to acomplish their asteroid base dreams.
I exposed this idea on discord and someone argued that this could be abused to prevent others to mine sertain asteroids. This could be an issue on pve areas as other players will have no chance to claim resources trough a fair fight (if there is such thing against a Base turret system), reason why i propose to add plain rock asteroids or allow to dig the regular asteroids.

Pls if you have suggestions about this feel free to post it here.
This is the only empyrion server i play and would sertanly like to be able to build such bases in the future. Keep up the good work.

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Thanks for your suggestion Mhu!

That is interesting and a fun way to have such bases for sure. Unfortunately we don’t have such possibilities nor is there such device available yet. Most of the terrain things are not saved properly and we have to manually remove or replace them.
The only hack which might work is to store the .area files of such an asteroid as soon as he got changed and replace it with the default version from the game. But that is currently quite an overhead.

The other thing what can be done is that you tell us what your favorite asteroid is for the next version and I remove the regeneration key attribute. That would mean the asteroid do not respawn - but also the resources won’t regenerate.

How about one play field with no resources, such as peacekeepers? I would like to make an asteroid base Just because.