Atlantis wipes for resources only or for all land items (ie bases)?

Looking at Atlantis information, it says there’s a daily terrain wipe. Is that for resources or for anything on the land such as bases, vessels, etc.?

And when an economy is listed as Rich or Poor, what does that mean? A lot of resources or also a lot of traders, friendly POIs, etc.?

Terrain wipe means the Terrain/Ground resets. So if you randomly dig a hole, it’ll be filled again. I ‘think’ that’s deposits too, correct me if i’m wrong. And Terrain wipes doesn’t do anything to your vessels/bases. Only if you placed them underground, and you Don’t have a landclaim device.

I’m pretty sure economy is about Commodity traders. If economy is rich, then that means you can sell for a lot more, than you buy it. If it’s poor there’s a chance you’ll pay more than you sell. :slight_smile:


Atlantis is an exception here - terrain wipes even in bases with landclaim device

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Terrain wipe will take anything without core like watergens autominers etc.