Attacked by my own CV

Went from Destiny to Earth to span a base there, got of my CV and left it on power for protection. Was able to spawn my new base on Earth , as soon as I got in to start it I was attacked and killed 3 times, I heard my ship firing so I though somebody was attacking me. The 3 time I respawn on my ship and much to my surprise no one was attacking me, it was my crazy CV that totally destroyed my new base. Im planning in building a new base for Earth what should I do to avoid this again? Should I risk been attacked and shut of my CV before I spawn my replacement base on Earth? please advice. Thanks.

Earth is PVP when you spawn something its not factioned so the CV will attack it. Also i dont recommend you stay on earth it’s a starter planet.

Is Earth going to be wipe? I’m afraid Destiny is going to be wiped that is the reason for a base on Earth. What PVP planet do you recommend to put a base on? thanks

The planets in peacekeeper don’t get wiped pretty sure earth does

No. Not in a server wipe way. Only in a PvP way maybe.