Attackers using drones to see underground?

Hey folks, loving the server and all the new stuff! Keep it up.

Got a question about a possible known exploit - I’m not entirely new to the game but I am only just getting into the PvP side of things.

So I spent about 4 days building a nice underground base, traps, death tunnels, sealed cores and all sorts and when someone attacked me they seemed to ‘know’ exactly where I hadn’t built a wall (I was slowly expanding so didn’t build one).
This was 20-30 meters underground and I can’t believe it was a lucky guess by him, not after watching his > arrow on the map circle around.

So I read about this drone bug being able to see underground? How do you guys treat this kind of play-style?

I’m not bothered about losing the base, thats part of the game. I can build another, but I can’t help but feel cheated in not being able to defend myself properly.



There is no need to even use the drone. Just switch to 3d person view and turn around with camera a bit scrooled away you can see what attacker will see, everyting. Its good to be in some tight place like small tunel so game engine will put camera outside tunnel.
So yes everyone digging under ground will see what you built, they will see it intentionaly or unintentionaly…there is no way how to proof someone used this intentionaly.

There is a “core” of planet noone can dig so be sure that you dig to the core and build your base there so noone can get under it. If you will create large cave and use a lot of towers you will at least make destroying base to take longer. Also while base is deeper enemy has to be closer to detect it. Never have all stuff there, maybe make small hiden stash in deep space. You can build a base which is hard to kill but you cannot build base which is impossible to kill.

Its good to use water as cover. Underwater bases are pain to kill.

Anyway count with the fact that every exxploit possible will be used against you, something like fair play is probably not trendy anymore.


I have had my screen bug out and let me see through sections of the ground before - I am planning on building underwater next time and I managed to get out of there with most of my ‘stock’ but I lost my CV, 3 SV’s 2 mates SV’s and a base that took days to build.

It’s all part of the learning process and early access bugs, just wanted to make sure it was mostly unavoidable and not a deliberate act of sabotage.


The easiest way to see under ground is to land your ship upside down and zoom all the way out, you can see everything and i mean everything in the persons base. No one can detect someone doing this so best is to just use tactics to protect your self against it as elfi sais, make sure to never have any earth open to your tunnels make sure blocks are on all sides so there is no openings to see, look underground at your base yourself to try and find weak spots and so on, another tactic is to have a long line of blocks in all directions under ground to extend the reach of your offline protection. The further away the enemy stands the less they can see :]

Also, something static does with all of our cores, is place solid blocks on all 6 sides, blocks like truss, or textured blocks, rcs, o2 tanks, ammo boxes, etc. Those blocks prevent being seen passed. The people attacking ground bases are going directly for cores, knowing that once the core is taken, everything else is free

I kinda started doing that too, but mostly for aesthetic reasons :stuck_out_tongue: Honestly best thing you can do is hide and obsfucate where your core is in a base, or, how I like to do it is make it so much hassle to get to that no one even wants to bother.