Attempt at neutral Rescue Service

I’m having a go at providing something players have said they want, a sort of emergency response service. In PVE I had too many problems with disconnections etc… I couldn’t easily get to the planets where players needed help. In PVP, where this is way more dangerous and way more fun, it seems like defense/rebuilding/retaliating takes up all my game time. being a rescue service does not mean you can just let it go every time you get attacked for breathing in and out.

so I haven’t been able to help much. are any of you interested in this sort of rescue stuff or available to respond to distress calls when I can’t? you’ll probably see me talking about it in the chat, where there isn’t time to give you all this background. respond if you like…and are willing to take the risk!

meanwhile what would * you * like to see in a rescue service?

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what server u play on eu or na ?

EndTheFed4 plays on NA.
I think it is a cool idea. Would save some guys that get into a rough situation; especially the ones that do not set cb:home

could you please contact me on discord, thanks, we need to talk

ya, other players have saved me a few times including Spartan and Pjams thanks guys… it would be good to give back. the more players we save from frustration, the more decide to stick with the game. nothing makes players abandon a computer game like getting stuck a lot.

Now thats a good idea, i might start doing that on eu too. I just cant play that much these days =/

if you think about it, what makes empyrion special is that the bugs and glitches it throws at you…mimic imperfectly the dangers, wierdnesses and unpredictabilities of real space. in the same way, our rescues of players…caught in these glitches etc…mimics imperfectly what will happen in real space. and they could have real consequence of preserving this virtual space by boosting the “morale of the marooned” and keeping them in this game.


Good luck and don’t give up.

thanks elfias