Auctoria 6.0

LoT is pleased to announce that the Auctoria Event planet will be returning to the server in 6.0! For those who were not around for the original in 4.0, it will be a base defense event planet, where contestants have alternating pve and pvp cycles, and defend their bases on weekends. Similar to how Armageddon is now, with one notable exception: The reward comes not only from the pvp and planet resources itself, but also from prizes awarded for winning the various competitions. These competitions range from the primary event on the weekend, to chainsaw duels, Team death match with assigned surprise weapons, planet wide pod race course, and sv on sv or hv on hv duel competition. Those who wish to see something specific on the planet, please feel free to chime in, we are finalizing the details now, and hope to begin the festivities approximately 2 weeks after the 6.0 wipe!
Good Hunting!


7x earth gravity :smiley: joking, sounds epic man!

Looking foreward to visiting Auctoria 6.0!

Gravity will be 1.2 on pve, 2.3 on pvp.
Maximum Air density
Maximum spiders


2.3 x grav with lava pit gladiator sports on balance beams with jumps! :smile: WIN!

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Is this on the NA server?

Yes it is.

Sounds fantastic, i’d switch server for that

I try my best to reserve time at weekends to help you out again :slight_smile:

When 6.0 experimental comes out all of our sneaky promises and surprises are gone anyways. You will know what awesome stuff is coming.

So make sure to check it out when it’s out because you will get 100+ new ideas for your planet, haha

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Will there be any training facilities or events

More importantly – When do we get to see HWS Experimentals??? :smiley: :smiley:

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