Auctoria Event 6.0: Call for ideas

Editing original post to be a full thread. Please disregard the needless hostility early on in the thread
As some know, Auctoria will be re-opening in 6.0 to HWS NA for all your PVP event planet needs! The tourist bit:
Atmosphere: Intermittently breathable, but not conducive to human colonization. Often thicker than is ideal for flight
Gravity: Variable

The planet itself is as inhospitable as they come, and should serve as a test to your survival skills. A recaptured planet from the alien dynasty, Auctoria has become the favored playground of the rich and famous, and of mercenaries looking for fame and fortune, who duel to the death for the amusement of their patrons. In typical fashion, on occasion the alien queen herself has attempted to recapture the planet, the jewel of the alien colonies, but has up to this point been beaten back by the humans who inhabit the planet, their skills honed by decades of conflict. But there have been rumors that the queen will not take lightly the desecration of this planet, and may have something planned to reclaim it for herself…
Perhaps due to some remnant of alien technology deep below the surface of the planet, the environment of the planet seems to change periodically, becoming some of the most inhospitable that human kind has ever seen while still remaining capable of entry. The Trader federation hosts various events on the surface, ranging from unique races, survival challenges, a thunder dome arena that is different each time you enter, and the primary attraction, the weekly Battle Royale, where factions wishing to prove themselves must fight with every ounce of skill they can muster to survive the weekend, and claim the glory of victory. Each faction may build exactly one base for this event, on pre-approved base locations, located to best provide a fair balance. A Central Facility (admin cored) hosts the materials necessary for the wealthy clients to view the blood-sport in luxury, as well as a small munitions plant churning out weaponry meant for use in the arena. There has been rumors of a teleport from a safe location to this facility to facilitate ease of access to customers and contestants, but testing of the new technology has been…troublesome. Once the replacement engineers are hired however, and the stains removed, it may be open to use.

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Ok so heres the bit where I need help. Beyond the obvious need for contestants, we need people with great ideas, and no place to bring them to life. We are talking everything from spider hunts, to pod races, to sv and hv duels. Anything y’all can think of, we can probably bring to this planet. To keep it a clean battlefield however, we will be doing semi regular wipes, the frequency of which is determined by how much use the planet sees. But if someone wants to host a chainsaw biathlon with waypoints and a giant jump where you then have to take out a base, go nuts. Bring me your ideas, and I would love to help bring it into “reality”.
A few restrictions:

  • Nothing exploity.
  • Nothing overly frustrating
  • Nothing that would ruin the planet for other events. This means that once an event is done, even if you win, you may be asked to pack up so that the next day we can have our easter egg hunt, or whatever, without getting shot down and/or molested.
  • No spoiling it for others. Now that we can individually restrict planets, people who violate basic even rules to grief other players will not be allowed to enter. That being said, we start with a blank slate. I dont hold grudges. If we have fought in the past, you are more than welcome to come and hang out with us in 6.0.

Original post from another thread that got out of hand. Just kept here for context to the ridiculous start this thread took.
Auctoria will be open for 6.0 pvp fights and whatnot. If you are interested in it just as a battleground, I’d love to coop run it, I am only one guy, and a lot of my ideas for events take a lot of prep time and effort. I know you had some of your own as well, but if wanted a place to host the events that aren’t op4 restricted or biased, That’d be awesome. Im mostly thinkin of the one you suggested where people come and try to take the planet from you. Obviously that would interfere with weekly competitions, and arena stuff. Plus the pod races.


Don’t have any interest in doing anything with you mcprouty other than to continue
to smash you, LoT and anyone foolish enough to ally themselves with you.

LMAO ya thats kinda what I figured.
Hokay, Well I tried to be an adult but have fun with your needless grudges.

By adult you mean stating any event we would do would be bias toward Op4?
start your own topic if you want to troll. This one is for 6.0 donator planets.

At what point did I say that? In fact, quite the opposite, I said there were a lot of great ideas I have seen, but no place to operate them. The only instance I could think of it being an issue would be ones where it would take the planet from a neutral battleground to something very specifically controlled by op4. The example I gave was literally the only one that comes to mind, where you offhand suggested having a donor planet open to invasion if you guys captured a poi or something like that. I can find the thread if you want. I actually was saying pretty much everything else would be great.[quote=“mcprouty, post:34, topic:5318”]
Im mostly thinkin of the one you suggested where people come and try to take the planet from you. Obviously that would interfere with weekly competitions, and arena stuff. Plus the pod races.

This topic is about donor planets. You knew before you posted we would never
collaborate with you. So other than to troll what could have been the reason for
your post?

Now if we could return to the original topic. Op4 would like a second planet.
Provided all players who wanted their first donor planet received theirs.
If any remain we have funds available to claim one.

You are in a different thread now…
Btw ty @RexXxuS

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Just popin in to say I like the storyline on the planet. Sorry, no ideas off hand. Just kudos on the back story.

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Sound interesting, McP. How do you plan on pulling off the variable gravity bit though?

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Sweet! I’ve got endless ideas for fun events and I’m looking forward to helping all events be fun and successful, regardless who hosts them or where. They’re a great way for the community to add rich content for the rest of the community to enjoy. No place for grudges in that scenario! Win win!

McP, if there’s any opportunities to include the arena in auctoria events come 6, could be a way to drop a teleporter between planets for easy access to the next keg of events, etc.

Also, instancing will be great for some of those events, as you could provide things there and force drop of items on exit, meaning no flood of alien tech to the real world for participating in the reindeer games.

I always wanted to have a good motorbike race. The thing handles horribly, so maybe even a hover bike build, but something on a track with speed and crashes! :bomb:

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On the swap to PVP for the weekend event, the gravity will be set from 1.2 to 2.2.

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Watch that first step, and everyone after that ;)… also your backpack may fall too fast, clip through and fall into the center of the planet.

We found that you will fall at same rate in ships, just more fuel consumption, and running on foot is more dangerous