Auctoria is LoT restricted

Hey @RexXxuS looks like Auctoria is restricted to only LoT (and is also PvE right now) when it should be PvP.

Morning Ran,

I didn’t get more information from @mcprouty for now. I set per default all playfields to their faction even though I didn’t hear from the owner back.
Quite few inactive planets at the moment :thinking:

We will decide about the Auctoria planet today.
Originally it was planned as an Event planet which has special attributes.

For now don’t worry it is not touched yet (except from Aliens)


Ah had just noticed that it wasn’t setup right that’s all. Cheers.

Ya we just got out and started building today. Working as fast as we can Ranz, but doesnt make much sense to have the event yet with no contestants, announcements, or infrastructure.

I was hoping to find someone who built a base there during it’s pvp time :frowning:

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