This event could be recorded by one of the admins or a Gm of the server in God / ghost mode and be posted on the forum page, or youtube or face to further promote the server and the game. It would be nice if they had several filming of different angles.


Thats a great idea. I will be running filming software this weekend, and on wednesday. But if an admin were able to, they could get far closer than I can without interfering.
Also, just as an FYI, coming soon to the Spectator’s Retreat: The Survivalist Trader! This will be an NPC Trader with a package specifically designed to aid those who wish to compete, but do not have the supplies necessary stockpiled. I am compiling an NPC package list and price at the moment, more details as I have them. BUT for sure, we will be offering trade spots where you can view, buy, or sell Hover Tanks and Small Vessels outfitted to withstand the rigors of Auctoria!


Yes sure.
As Achilles did with the Asylum event.

Sadly NA is a hard timezone for us. We want to run the event on NA nevertheless asap.


Using this site or this, Rexx you can calculate the schedule that best suits you Adapts and see what possibility the other Gms are replacing it in filming, basically it starts at 9:00 am utc -5 that would be 09:00 am in New York, which in Berlin would be 16:00 pm. You could even start a little after this schedule, in fact you can even pause the event for a certain period and come back the next day, or split it into stages of 10 to 12 hours or less, which would be stages, in the style of Raly Paris / Dakar …


Apologies for the late notice but it appears that due to real world situations I will have to postpone the Pod Race for a few days. I simply was not able to finish the last leg of the race in time to open it today. My plan now is to have the competition on friday afternoon, as a pve kickoff to the pvp event! Same time as before, 8pm Eastern will begin the pod race. Same rules as well, and we will be providing pods if you cannot make one. I WOULD recommend however that you make something that its not exceedingly tall (more than three base blocks height. Otherwise you may have some issues.


I hope there will be tunnels?! Pleeeeease tell me there will be tunnels!!


jackpot has been increased to 1.5 million folks.


at what time the pvp event start in auctoria?


Ok now that some of the more sensitive info in the raw footage is outdated, here is the full recording of the alien attack on Auctoria. Apologies for quality, and potentially for language. I was unaware at the time that my mic was being recorded.


ANNNNND as promised, my video of the controversial yet epic Lindenn Tank Drop Incident.
Again, unedited, because I have a day job. But hopefully still enjoyable.