Hey guys, I was hoping to hear back from Rexxus, and maybe have him post this up so it carries a little more weight, but time is getting a little short, so I wanted to give everyone enough advanced notice! As some of you may know, Auctoria has been under construction by myself and other members of LoT for the last few weeks, trying to turn it into a pvp event planet for the community. Well I am pleased to announce that we are on schedule to open TOMORROW MORNING! Here is the draft of the rules as I have them at the moment, they are subject to change as needed, particularly in the case of the rewards. But the core concept remains. Hopefully we can get this thread stickied, and possibly some announcements in game chat to let everyone know what is going on. So here we go:

Rules for Auctoria:

1: Build in Designated Zones in order to be eligible for the event (12 of them exist, named “Contestant Base X”). Any faction with more than one base on the planet at the time of a checkpoint is disqualified. All Designated Zones are POI’s on the map. These are chosen specifically to take advantage of natural terrain for different avenues of attack. No two base locations have line of sight to any other.
2: Weekdays (monday-Friday) are PVE, Weekends (Saturday-Sunday) are PVP.
On Friday Evening, a game inspector will arrive at your base to ensure that no exploits were used, and that your base qualifies for the competition. This inspector should be allowed to any part of your base, as they will not be participating in the PVP competition, and will not share information regarding layout under any situation.
3: If someone destroys a qualifying base, and recore’s it as their own for long enough to take a screenshot with “di” enabled, their faction gets one Attack Reward (more on this later)
4: For each checkpoint that a qualifying base survives, that faction will get one Defense Reward. A faction that makes it through the entire weekend and each checkpoint wins the Survival Reward. If it is the Last Faction Standing (other than spectator) then they receive the grand prize!
5: You may still raid other’s bases for the duration of the event if your base is destroyed, but may not rebuild/re-core your base once it is declared destroyed. You may scrap it for parts, and remain in the area however.
6: There is one POI marked as Spectator’s Retreat. This area may not be raided under any situation, and should be considered a no combat zone. No automatic turrets are allowed inside this valley. Only CV’s belonging to LoT faction may land in this area, though sv’s are more than welcome to park in open spaces provided they do not obstruct operations whenever LoT Personnel are online. During times when no faction members are on, turrets will be re-activated. Those wishing to spectate the event may land here in order to enter the approved spectator vehicles. Spectator vehicles should not be attacked, and will have no loot within. They will be clearly marked white small vessels with a large red cross symbol. Please respect those trying to watch the event.

About the planet:
Gravity will be increased greatly for the weekend pvp, to the point that you WILL need a strong ship to deliver supplies, or to escape the surface and flee the system. This is to balance air vs ground combat, and provide an incentive for attacking on foot or in HV instead of with a CV (or ten).
Atmospheric density is also greatly increased. This means that Weapons will not fire as far as you are used to. This is to prevent overuse of offline artillery bombardment, and homing rocket harassment of vehicles passing at long range spectating or reconning bases.
The Biome is Alien: The Green swamp planet type.
Ores include sparse Blue Crystals, Magnesium, Cobalt, and Iron.
No water exists on the planet, and the atmosphere is not breathable. In order to survive, you will have to bring supplies (O2 and Water) from other planets.

The planet will be opening to the public on friday, and will transition to pvp mid day saturday. If you are not competing, it is recommended you evacuate the planet or flee to the spectator’s retreat at this time. Again, there is to be NO combat inside of the spectator’s retreat valley other than organized duels and competitions. Anyone caught attacking this POI or players inside will get one warning, and for major infractions or second instances, the faction will be banned from the planet. This area will be backed up, and can be restored from this backup, but that will eliminate all buildings and ships from other factions across the map. So please be courteous and considerate of other players. Marker pylons with a lookout post, and LOT labelled on the orange painted outer wall will be erected surrounding the valley to ensure you can differentiate it from open targets throughout the weekend.

Rental spaces large enough for a sv and some storage bins can be rented from LoT. No guarantee of safety is offered, for the sole reason that if someone attacks the spectator base and ruins it for everyone, it is possible that they can get access to these bays. But they can be maintained under relative safety from the pvp events, and should prove as a way to store the materials/ships you need to get started.

This forum will serve as home for official base destruction posts, and for announcing rewards. We are also looking at a chainsaw tournament at the opening of the weekend, anyone interested in competing to determine who is the best at melee in the galaxy should respond either in a post or message to mcprouty.

Contestant bases will be claimed in a first come first serve basis by posting in this forum the faction to be competing, and the base site number. Once you are verified, you may build as much on the base as you like, provided you do not place any other base cores on the planet. This is crucial, and is designed to aim for better design, rather than turret spam.

Attack Reward:
40 explosives
100 sv missiles
50 sv h missiles
3* 750 15 mm ammo
5 large medkit
500 Gold Coins

Checkpoint Survival Reward:
200 Combat steel blocks
600 Concrete blocks
100 BA 150 mm H Missiles
200 Large Promethium packs
100 Gold Coins

Weekend survival reward:
2*999 Gold Coins
1 random epic weapon

If only one faction is remaining in the contest, this faction gets the grand prize in place of the weekend survival prize.

Sole Survivor Reward:
10*999 Gold Coins
3 random epic weapons

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So for making this easy…

1: The goal is to hold a base during the weekend and destroy the other bases ?

2: You can as a faction only have 1 base on the planet ? (But you can move it in between checkpoints.)

So this is made for building the best guarded base on the server. you are limited to 1 base turrets and so on…


PKA will start this evning

Yes, one base per faction. The check points are to make sure nobody got wiped without being declared, and to allow us to give out intermediate supplies. Also to keep track and make sure only one base is used. Once you claim a location, I was intending that you defend it to the death for the weekend with hv, and on foot.

I believe if the planet is not open now, it will be soon. Once it is, feel free to look around, and pick a spot you like. Once you do, please post here to make sure you can get the one you want. Also those interested in the combat tournament idea please respond, so we can see what we can set up for everyone. I was thinking a competition of one on one with different weapons, and possibly team play in the arena.

I don’t normally like most ideas ppl come up for community events but this sounds fun actually :slight_smile:

Last faction standing is TEA?

Lol unfortunately not, but you do get yourself the attack reward. The last faction standing is for holding a base through the weekend.

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HAH! I told you that’s how it works @Ranzeth :stuck_out_tongue:

Ya that wouldnt be fair for the whole two day competition if someone coming in last minute captures and gets the same reward as defending all weekend. I will think about upping the rewards if Rex is ok with it, after seeing the material cost of the battle with just two competitors. I am beginning to write a post with all the screenshots from the event, keep an eye out.

well hidden core hehe

Alright! Results are in, and the planet is back to PVE!
I want to thank KiH and RCA, our two competitors for this weekend, each competing with only one faction member each! Also Viltru for coming out to the surprisingly dangerous proposition of spectating. Finally, to the other LoT guys behind the scenes who made it all work, everything from ship building, repairs, security, supply runs, and more all the way up to agitation runs with throwaway sv’s to keep everyone on their toes!

Here’s a quick rundown of how everything went:
Both competitors spent a while at the beginning just locating each others bases, and patrolling the area. LoT spectator ships were able to follow and view this, and fortunately got to see some of the skirmishes that ensued. Eventually Lindenn of KiH found the contestant base 9 belonging to RCA, and mounted an offensive over the course of about two hours that finally claimed the base, and resulted in Owl respawning back on earth. This was not a bloodless victory however, as it claimed one spectator ship and two agitator ships belonging to LoT, as well as two hover vessels and an SV belonging to KiH in the process. Check out the screenshots in the link above, and feel free to add any more that you may have taken!
All seemed clear at that point, and the agitation runs ceased since KiH was the sole remaining faction. However, TEA came out of NOWHERE with two cv’s and some HV’s and the battle picked up pace from there very rapidly. We lost three spectator ships trying to get some good shots of this, and it was one hell of a show. The most memorable part, for me atleast, was when KiH used a Hovertank to bring down a CV that was over ten times its size! (although some prefer to call it gravity that brought it to the ground). the remainign TEA retreated to space, and our checkpoint was hit. At this point, all parties pulled back, turned off turrets, and the checkpoint survival reward was issued to Lindenn, who then had ten minutes to affect hasty repairs before the resumption of combat.
After the checkpoint ended, as both our spectator ships were now husks on the battlefield, we have very few screenshots, but TEA was finally able to move in and clear the remainder of KiH’s base with approximately one hour remaining in the event. This netted them the attack reward, which may now be collected at the spectator base, the next time LoT personnel are available.
Thanks again everyoen who made it out, and keep checking in for the announcement of the Pod Race event on Auctoria, COMING THIS WEDNESDAY!


Thanks for taking the time to put on a cool event. I look forward to the next one! :slight_smile:

I dunno if it’s possible but it would be cool if you could get hooked up with that colored text in chat permission somehow so that you could make noticeable announcements about the events yourself rather than relying on the server message which got outdated or the forums which some people might not spend too much time on.

he was caps lock saying on every server annoucements its now all day long

and again great work for LoT it been very fun

Ya, I attempted to respond immediately after the server messages staying that the event was tomorrow all weekend, but that could only be done while I was on. I am not pushing for admin rights, I put up the planet as an event world for everyone because it would be fun for me to do so. A lot of work, yes, and at times a lot of frustration, for example dying yesterday atleast 8 times, none of them due to me being an attacker or defender, but rather flying ships around to get views of the battles. But you are right, some purple admin text up would definitely have helped in more ways than one. People see all caps in global, and at a certain point they tune it out. And there is no way for new people to the server to know that I am in fact not running some sort of scam or trap. A little official backing goes a long way, for example the pinning of this forum. But ya, hopefully everyone got a feel for how it will be run, and we can go again next weekend! The planet remains open, and building on designated spots can begin immediately after claiming and being switched by myself (with the exception of spots 9 and 5, which need a little TLC and cleanup)

i’m guilty for a big part of the mess… :wink:

i just want to know, how long did Ranzeth taked to find my core after i left? you said he cored my base 1 hour before the end of the event. so was it at 2:00 am east time?

Yup. I kept looking over there and saw that it was still your faction until I logged off for the night, at about 2300 Eastern. Logged on in the morning, all the ships I wanted to salvage were gone, and the base belonged to TEA

Alright guys, in case you thought we were done with the events on Auctoria until next weekend, GUESS AGAIN! Over the next day or two LoT personnel will be setting up a Pod Racer track spanning the planet of Auctoria. Contestants will start at a common start line, and proceed through a series of pylons marked by number, in a series. The path will lead you on a tour of the planets scenery, and will require fast reaction times and careful flying to navigate. The Pylons will be a square approximately 11x7 Large blocks, each player must pass through these before proceeding to the next. Unlike the ESR, there will be no stopping at each pylon, rather event personnel will monitor as many pylons as possible, and we will have to rely on everyone to honor the spirit of the game to keep it fair. If you miss a pylon, you must go back around and enter it before proceeding. This is important as you will see soon, as the restrictions for what constitutes a pod are very specific. They may be player constructed, or if you do not feel that sv design is your strong suit, one will be provided for you at the time of the race. All Pods must be inspected for racing to ensure that they meet the following rules:
1-SV only. This is near obvious, a cv will have issues entering the square, and an HV will never be as fast as an SV.
2-SV Design:
a)THERE MUST BE ZERO DOWNWARD THRUST. This means that if you are using a blueprint, you must remove thrusters pointing at the ground. This makes the race feel a little more authentic, and puts people out of their comfort zones of sv flying, which makes for a great spectacle. Without lifting thrust, the SV must remain in motion in order to stay off the ground.
b)There should be atleast a 10 to 1 ratio of forward thrust compared to thrust to either side, or braking. Trust us, this is important as well.
c)Please stick to a Star Wars theme. This is not a rule, as much as a guideline. half of the fun of these races is seeing the designs that other people come up with to fit the role.
Pods for consideration may be checked by LoT at any point before Wednesday, or at the time of the event (0800 EST on Wednesday the 5th) Factions may safely store their racers on site before this time in order to assure their place in the race. The planet will be pve all week until saturday morning for the next survival event, so guns are not necessary, nor do you need to be afraid of anyone destroying or stealing your sv.
Please respond to this thread, or in a message to me on the forums or in game if you have any questions, or would like to compete. Rewards are currently being decided, but we are happy to hear suggestions.